March 21, 2023


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Simon Nietzsche won the "Skal vi danse" award 2021 - VG

Simon Nietzsche won the “Skal vi danse” award 2021 – VG

FORNEBU (VG) TV2 sports presenter Simon Nitsche (29) won the “Skal vi danse” award in 2021. An audience vote decided the outcome after judges gave both pairs 90 points and a maximum score.


Both pairs stood with a pot and 90 referee points after their three dances in the final. Thus, there was a trembling excitement before host Catherine Moholt announced their victory, Nietzsche and Spelling.

“This is some of the most beautiful I’ve seen,” said Judge Merritt Mork Lingiardi, while fellow Trainer Daily Cliff rose to a standing ovation, after her second Nichi dance.

– This is the best ever. Totally charming to look at. Global quality, said Judge Morten Hegseth.

A jubilant contest winner, Simon Nietzsche, promises to continue dancing after twelve weeks of tough competition on the floor at Fornebu.

– I will continue to dance, but I have to find an intermediate level dance class, says Nitsche humbly to VGTV after the final victory. He was soon reprimanded by dance partner Helen Spelling:

– You will dance with me! – Gives clear notification of spills.

moan hurt his shoulder

Magnus Moen injured his shoulder before the final. He didn’t want much concern about it. But he told VGTV that he was about to dislodge his shoulder joint during training.

– We had to change the choreography a little bit before the final, said Moan, who definitely doesn’t see second place as a defeat.

– I’m brilliantly happy. That’s a victory for me, says the longtime shared runner who compares last place to his many sporting accomplishments.

His second dance was followed by his double dance Basso fiery in which Moan was a bullfighter while Trella “cloak” in a bright red dress.

– You are a warrior. This was so raw! Judge Morten Hegseth shouted before the judges three dozen on their scoreboards for the fourth time tonight.

The first dance at the shimmering and colorful dance studio in Fornebu was followed by former ringside participants in the 12-week dance competition.

Simon and Helen started with Cha Cha Cha. Judge Trine Dihli Cliff thought Nietzsche gave an “incredibly beautiful dance”, while co-judge Morten Hegseth thought he danced as the winner.

It was a full pot and 30 points from the judges of Nitsche, who danced her last Latin dance with her professional partner Helene Spilling in this competition..

– I have an incredible desire to receive this trophy. ‘There is nothing else I desire more than that cup,’ said Simon Nietzsche before the first dance.

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Full Destiny: Joint runner Magnus Moan also earned 30 points and a max score for his first dance – salsa with partner Ewa Trela. Annan was, as always, impressed by the high lifts of his professional partner.

It’s a surreal dream to be in the final. Magnus Moane admitted we’re going to be doing a crazy show.

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He threw himself into a massive salsa dance on his first dance. With hip movements and well-ventilated lifts, there was little resemblance to the building’s Das Trøndelag DDE.

– You are like a Latin American god, Judge Hegseth, even Trondelag is distinguished by a great sense of the movements of the almost two-meter skater.

Moan was also rewarded with three dozen.

– I feel nervous. The joint veteran runner said, “Imagine we’ve reached the final of Skal vi Danse.” semi-final.

Dressed in a silk suit for the occasion, Judge Morten Hegseth set the tone before the first dance by saying he was looking forward to competing without getting fired.

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