Sirens sound ahead of Putin's visit to North Korea

Sirens sound ahead of Putin's visit to North Korea

Earlier this week, Reuters reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit North Korea and Kim Jong Un in the near future.

This is unpopular, neither in South Korea nor in the United States. They warn against closer military cooperation between the two opposing parties.

South Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Kim Hong-kyun said in an emergency phone call with US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell that Putin's visit should not lead to further military cooperation between Pyongyang and Moscow in violation of the resolutions, according to the South Korean Foreign Ministry.

He writes Reuters.

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– Agree on a firm answer

Echoing Kim's concerns, Campbell pledged continued cooperation to address potential regional instability and challenges resulting from the trip.

While closely monitoring relevant developments, the two sides agreed to respond firmly through close cooperation to North Korea's provocations against South Korea and actions that lead to escalation of tensions in the region, the ministry said in a statement.

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On Wednesday, a senior official at the presidential office in Seoul said that Putin is expected to visit North Korea “in the coming days.” Meanwhile, Russian newspaper Vedomosti wrote on Monday that Putin will visit North Korea and Vietnam in the coming weeks.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Thursday declined to set a date or agenda for a possible visit, but said Russia's right to develop closer relations with North Korea should not be in doubt or a source of fear for anyone.

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Neither North Korean nor Russian authorities have confirmed Putin's visit, but Russia's ambassador to North Korea, Alexander Matsegora, confirmed to the Russian business newspaper Vedomosti that such a visit is being prepared.

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un visited the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Amur Region during their last meeting on September 13, 2023. Photograph: Mikhail Metzel/AFP)

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un visited the Vostochny Cosmodrome in the Amur Region during their last meeting on September 13, 2023. Photograph: Mikhail Metzel/AFP)

– We follow along

Russia has used North Korean missiles and artillery to attack targets in Ukraine, according to Washington, Seoul and Kiev, as well as UN sanctions monitors and independent experts.

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North Korea and Russia denied the arms deals, but promised to work toward deeper cooperation in all areas. This also applies to military cooperation.

Speaking at the Stimson Research Center in Washington on Wednesday, Campbell said the United States has a very good understanding of what North Korea has provided to Russia. This had a huge impact on the battlefield.

But he added that it was not clear what Russia had provided to North Korea.

– Hard currency? Is it energy? Are there capabilities that allow them to develop their own nuclear or missile products? We do not know. “But we are concerned about it and are monitoring closely,” Campbell said.

Sign of preparations

Satellite images will show that Pyongyang is preparing for a military parade and foreign visits. Civilian aircraft have been removed from Pyongyang airport, and there are signs a military parade may be held at Kim Il Sung Square in the capital, he wrote. NK Proa Seoul-based website, this week.

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It is still possible that the big parade or event will not coincide with Putin's visit, but since Kim is likely to treat their summit with great importance, it is also possible that North Korea will organize a special event to celebrate Russian-North Korean relations. On the pitch, writes Colin Zwirkow, one of NK Pro's senior analytical reporters.

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He stressed that similar preparations had previously been made a few days before the state visit.

Congress warned

US Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines previously stated before Congress that Russia's need for support in the war against Ukraine forced it to enter into agreements with North Korea, as well as China and Iran.

This may have been a warning that Russia might supply North Korea with military technology.

She told Congress that this increased cooperation and willingness to exchange assistance on military, economic, political and intelligence matters improves their national capabilities, helps them undermine the rules-based order and gives them a respite from international pressure.

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