Siri Avlesen-Østli and «Skal vi danse»:

Siri Avlesen-Østli and «Skal vi danse»:

Holiday season this year “Shall we dance?” He begins to approach the end, and the competition intensifies. Eight of the twelve participants smoked, and on Saturday night a celebrity has to put his dancing shoes on the shelf.

The rest are former co-sprinter Magnus Moen (38), sports broadcaster Simon Nietzsche (29), artist Oyvind “Vinnie” Sauvik (45) and Host Siri Avlesen-Østli (37).

“Shall we dance?” Royan Harkati and Ole Thomas Hanser were kissed on the ground last Saturday. Now they are attached to the qiblah. Reporter: Henriette Eilertsen. Video: Selena Morkin
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The latter can be revealed recently He will lead the next season of ‘The Voice’.. Øyvind Mund has led the singing competition since 2012, when the first program went on the air – but has now moved the baton to Avlesen-Østli.

New Job: Siri was recently able to reveal that she is the new host of the singing competition “The Voice”. Photo: Robert Dreier Holland / TV 2
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Zero contribution at home

Thus, there are many balls in the air for a mother of two with both dance and singing programs, and when Dagbladet met her outside the dance center last week, she was able to say there would be little time for other things:

“I didn’t really see the family that week here,” she admitted.

– Now I work at The Voice as well, so I sit with her all evening, and then I’m here until it closes.

Now that the dance competition is coming to a close, celebrities must perform two dances each on Saturday nights. It results in countless hours at the center of the dance.

Partners: Siri with dance partner Tarjei Svalastog.  Photo: Espen Solli/TV 2

Partners: Siri with dance partner Tarjei Svalastog. Photo: Espen Solli/TV 2
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– There is no point in living at home, so I moved to a hotel where the other dancers live, the 37-year-old reveals with laughter, adding that the family thinks it’s all right:

– Then they know what they can count on, which is that there is no contribution from me. So it is better that there is no contribution when I am away, than that there is no contribution when I am at home. That’s the calculation, the auditor (her husband Eric Luken Ostley, .anm magazine) calculated, she says with humor — but adds that she thinks it’s too sad not to live at home with the family during the day.

the disease: Should we dance in many countries, so we checked out the worst thing that happened from around the world. Video: Red Carpet / Stephen Petersen
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Avlesen-Østli impressed both the judges and the public The Saturday after Saturday this fall. Now she’s left as one of four participants, and if she can make it through Saturday’s broadcast, she’s earned a podium spot at this year’s Skal vi danse.

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