January 27, 2023


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Six 12-year-old girls with a bad experience in the park: – Apparently he masturbated

Halton Worksheet: – We have contacted the police and assured them that they will take the matter seriously.

That’s according to the mother of one of the six girls who had a disgusting, senseless and terrifying experience in Halton on Tuesday evening.

Read more below about police reports on the case.

At first I thought he was peeing

– We live in Oz, so it’s natural for kids to meet and be together at the center. On Tuesday evening, my daughter was at the park with a friend, on the ice rink there, and four other friends were at Scofabrikken, the mother says.

First the women notice the man upstairs in the shoe factory.

He stood behind them for a long time without doing anything.

– They felt they were being watched and that he was following them.

Down in the park, on the playground with the swings, the two girls saw the man again.

– At first they thought he was peeing, Mom says.

They have given the film to the police

It soon became clear that the man was up to something else.

– He was squatting, without trousers. He was known to be masturbating. The girls are old enough to understand what he is doing and have explained the incident to their parents in detail. Amma says it is too disgusting to think about.

The two girls in the park were able to contact the other four and everyone felt safe when they were together again.

– One of the girls tried to take a picture. We have also given that picture to the police. Maybe it doesn’t prove exactly what he did, but it shows a well-developed man squatting. Without the band. On a playground with the kids, Mom says.

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She contacted HA in hopes that someone might have seen something.

– There were a lot of people in the ring, so it was strange if no one saw anything.

Student’s statement after bursting of firecrackers: – 20 years working in police force, I saw here for the first time

– So disgusting

– How did the children cope with the experience?

– They find it very disgusting, naturally enough.

– And you parents?

– We hope the police catch the man. It is very dark in this part of the park, so Halton Municipality has been called upon to fix more lighting. For everyone’s safety. Until then our girls are not allowed to stay in Busterudparken.

Police:- Know about the incident

Mona Bergseth, head of police investigations in Halton, confirms the police are aware of the incident.

– If people have information on this matter, it is important that they contact us. He says that there may be others who have expressed the same thing and have interpretations of man.

– How do you see this phenomenon?

– When children and young people are exposed to such things, it is important to get information about it, it is investigated and condemned. We will monitor the concerned area. Except that there are many others at Busterudparken, and we are often there. But it’s important for people to tell us when they feel things aren’t meant to be, Bergseth replied.