Six reasons to invest in solar energy

Six reasons to invest in solar energy

Solar energy has the potential to solve the energy crisis we are in. They are short-distance, renewable, affordable and conflict-free.

  • Ranvi Isaksen

    Advise Climate & Energy at COWI

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Calculations show that By covering the roofs of houses in Norway with solar panels we can produce 30-50 TWh annually. By covering only suitable rooftops in Bergen municipality, about TWh can be produced. By comparison, Bergen is an annual Consumption of about seven TWh.

So even if one thinks that Bergen isn’t necessarily the right city to produce solar energy, that’s a huge percentage of the city’s consumption, and it can make a huge difference on the way to a greener society.

Here are six good reasons why municipalities in Norway should invest more in solar cell technology in public buildings and provide additional incentives for individuals to install solar cells in homes, condominiums, housing associations and commercial buildings:


Solar energy can be created here and now

The road to getting solar cells on the roof isn’t long. Here, bishop Raymond Sundt and engineer Simona Petrocini install solar cells on a home in Bloemsterdalen.

By using existing infrastructure and solar power on the roofs and walls, we can avoid significant costs and long studies.


short-lived solar energy

Ranvi Isaksen of COWI writes that it should be easier for people to buy and sell electricity locally than it is today.

We don’t need to carry power for long distances. The losses in the network increase with the distance that the electrical energy must be transmitted. Almost ten percent of the energy produced today is wasted.


renewable solar energy

There is no guarantee that the energy we buy and sell in the market comes from renewable sources. However, you know that with solar cells. One criticism of solar energy is often that it must be used immediately, but in combination with battery technology we can store and distribute energy when needed.


Conflict-free solar energy

The “core” building in Marineholmen is one of several commercial buildings in Bergen that have had solar cells installed on their roofs in recent years.

Solar cells don’t block your view, they don’t destroy waterways or seabird nesting places. On the other hand, it can be incorporated into cultural landscapes in floor-mounted installations, or it can cover ceilings and walls.


Solar energy is about to get cheap

The price of solar energy has become much lower in the past 10 years, at the same time as technology is improving. Recently, the price has risen somewhat again due to the lack of raw materials, but this is expected to be temporary.

For individuals, installing solar cells in their homes is often not economically viable, unless electricity prices continue to rise dramatically.

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Bergen municipality It has a support scheme for individual solar cells. However, financial incentives from public authorities should be better, for example, by allowing people to buy and sell electricity locally to a greater extent than it is today.

We know that Legislation today is an obstacle to the development of the purchase and sale of energy in domestic markets – this must be updated. Regulatory barriers place restrictions on homes, condominiums, and neighborhood electricity.

Creating several energy systems in reaction where they use energy sources from land, water, sun and wind in a system to provide us with electricity, would be very well suited to meet current and future energy challenges.

However, it takes time to get this kind of system going, which is why solar power alone also seems so ingenious: it’s here now, and it’s ready to use.


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