Skambankt cancels the tour

Skambankt cancels the tour

The band believes the financial stakes are too high and cancels the 16-place tour.

Skambankt decided to cancel their Norway tour.
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The cancellation became apparent when the band posted a message on their Facebook page.

Dear ones! It is with a heavy heart that we must announce today that we are also throwing ourselves into a massive wave of concert cancellations and postponements in March.

There is a lot of financial risk in its implementation. We were hoping there would be time to sell out more tickets after the reopening, but it just doesn’t look right. We’re still in a pandemic with high infection rates and most people don’t seem quite ready for concerts just yet. The concert venues we’re talking about indicate that this applies not only to our concerts, but also to the vast majority who are going on a trip in March/April.

The band just released their tenth album, “Ten,” and they’re planning a solid trip across the country. Like many other artists, there has been minimal play in the past two years. Now the country has reopened, and aside from “stay home when you’re sick,” there are almost no coronary restrictions.

They stand on the fence

This does not mean that cultural life is new. As Aftenbladet previously wrote, people don’t necessarily stand and hide at the doors of the party organizers. A number of concert venues and cultural organizers still struggle with poor ticket sales. The Ministry of Culture and Gender Equality has informed cultural actors that events to be held after February 12 will not receive financial incentives.

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Earlier this week, Culture Minister Anette Trettebergstuen was able to introduce a new package of measures targeting the field of popular music.

  • 30 million NOK for the Norwegian Cultural Fund
  • 11 million NOK for music Norway
  • 10 million NOK for the Sound and Vision Fund
  • 5 million NOK for theatrical artists fund
  • 3 million NOK for the Dance and Theater Center

It doesn’t help teams like Skambankt much as long as ticket buyers in Volda, lesund and Trondheim remain on the fence.

It won’t end in debt

Skambankt writes this about its cancellation:

The tour is basically what makes up for months of working on the album and keeps us alive while it lasts. He’s reimbursing the record company for investments in albums and paying the booking company for the big task of preparing the tour. We have big expenses with this type of tour and we don’t want to get into debt.

Much affected. We sympathize with our dear crew, Lüt (who invested in airline tickets and looked forward to warming up) bus companies, great reservations, organizers, local crew and other venue staff.

Unfortunately, there were no proper support schemes for this transition, and we were left with a loss of income, expenses, disappointment and the end of time.

For the Skambankt segment, the next target is fall 2022. They write that they are working to move the concerts from March/April to the other side of the summer.


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