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Skambankt på Pstereofestivalen 2014

The band was given a tour bus, but no tour – they had to postpone due to low ticket sales.

– Our good friend and bus driver Tom Array (Assen) suggested that instead of sitting back and watching the canceled tour, we should go to Poland to focus on something else and take the refugees in need, says singer Derje Winterstow Rothing. .

Fascist Tolak Calvadon Freistot adds:

– We had free bus and free time and then it can only be used for a sensible one.

Join for support

The bus drivers, Tom Array Assen and May Brit Osterhaus Morland, teamed up with Newland Steinscock at the Organizer Gadget on the Nightliner to pick up the band members themselves.

– They wanted us to join, we wanted to join. They are both bus drivers and should be on the bus who can take care of the bus occupants. That would be our mission, says Freistot.

They explain that one of their own criteria is that they will not be put in a position to choose who can join or not.

The band members explained that the embassy would take care of this.

They will leave for Poland at 03:00 on Thursday night and arrive in the Polish city of Presmis on the border with Ukraine on Friday morning.

The Scampangt tour had to be canceled

Photo: Press the photo

It is difficult to prepare

How to prepare to meet these people who are shocked and saddened by the situation in Ukraine?

– I think it is not possible to prepare for it, but we talked a lot about it today. We must confront them with the best we have; Consider, peace and safe travel home, Røthing answers.

According to fascist Freistad, it is good to do something good, but more thoughts float on a trip to Europe.

– Approaching. Translator Natalia Pavlik tells us that hospitals, schools and universities in eastern Ukraine are being bombed. It’s very strong, the situation they are in. Their country is being destroyed little by little.

On the bus, they bring dinner from Fjordland, toys, blankets, high chairs and drinks. In addition, they buy food in Germany.

Cooperation with the Embassy

The trip was arranged in collaboration with the Ukrainian Embassy in Norway.

– It sounds like a great initiative, they thought it was perfect. We were told we had to leave early on Wednesday morning, and the embassy arranged for a translator to take us to Christiansand, the band members explain.

Initially, they had no money to finance the trip, but through daytime work at Røthing, Digital Etikett and Retail Office Stavanger, they received NOK 165,000 to spend on food, transportation, sanitary ware and shelter.

Ukrainian refugees in a gym converted into a reception center in Presmisz, Poland.

The gym in Przemysl, Poland has been converted into a shelter for Ukrainian refugees.

Photo: FABRIZIO BENSCH / Reuters

Goes to counseling

As a result of the war, more than 2 million Ukrainians are fleeing their homeland.

More than 1000 refugees have so far arrived in Norway from Ukraine.

Refugees being transported from Poland with scampang musicians are set to travel to a reception center in Radel, eastern Norway.

Earlier this week, Prime Minister Jonas Kerr walked out of the store (Labor) V.G. He also warned refugees against taking private buses.

– We are now traveling with the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​and at their request, we are planning a safe and organized trip. Back then, I think the authorities also had to put some buses on their own and start it, Freestyle said.

According to Affenflatted The band has gathered a few artists from Rogaland for a concert in support of Ukraine. It will take place on April 28 in Stavanger.

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