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IMPONERTE: Birgit Skarstein.

“Now I’m really happy,” says the tired but happy Skarstein for NRK after the gold medal.

Skarstein was initially smiling and exuded confidence in Germany. The 33-year-old went to the front early and took the lead on the field. Halfway through, Skarsten was more than six seconds ahead of Israeli Moran Samuel.

– Nobody is around. NRK commentator Pål Thommasen said the distances are too short.

Skarsten refused to give up the lead and thus took home his second EC gold of his career. Germany’s Manuela Denning took the silver while Israel’s Moran Samuel won the bronze.

– That was so much fun. Birgit knows how to solve such matters. There are no limits to what you can do, Kjetil Borch tells NRK Post Gold.


Skarsten really had to go downstairs to take the gold in the German sun roasting.

– I was so nervous that I almost vomited before the race and got thrown every time I got to the finish line. Today is like this day, says the golden winner.

You could smile: Birgitte Skarsten now has two EC golds in her bag.


The 33-year-old already has the Paralympic, WC and European Commission gold in his bag.

-She’s so cool, former world champion R Strandley tells NRK.

– He’s really moving to get to the finish line. Skarsten says the whole team is behind it.

That would scare the Germans

She says she had a great desire to show German Manuela Denning who the boss was. She has a bigger job in her legs than Scarstein.

The point is, you shouldn’t think she’s going to kick her feet. One must think that I am stronger in the arms. Her father wouldn’t get it without a fight. I have to row cleanliness, I have to row more accurately and be more aggressive.

– I purposely went over aggressive early on to scare her into showing: Don’t worry if you’re going to try to get past me. Put your legs apart, they don’t belong here. At least it worked, says a beaming Skarnstein.

Previously, the Skarsten class (PR1) was intended for athletes who could use only their arms and shoulders, but now it has been opened to athletes who are strong in their legs, despite the fact that the regulations have not been changed in writing.

Para-climber Eva Mol is one of those who can now take part in a Skarstein class, and it has caused complete confusion in the rowing community:

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