Ski tour, cross country | Note the evolution of Valens. Then the coaches came with a warning:

Ski tour, cross country |  Note the evolution of Valens.  Then the coaches came with a warning:

Erik Valnes (25) has long stood out in the sprint cycle. Now he’s starting to excel at longer distances.

OBERSTDORF / VAL DI FIEMME (Nettavisen): – It has been very well developed.

This is what national team coach Arield Monsen had to say about the 25-year-old Valens.

Nordlinden is best known to most as a sprinter, but this winter Valens has really shown that he also means working on the longer races.

Few believed that it was precisely him who would become the best Norwegian when there was a battle for Olympic tickets at the 15km run in Ruka earlier in the season.

At the same distance in Lenzerheide in the Tour de Ski, the 25-year-old made another good race with an eighth place. At the same time he continues to perform in the sprint – most recently he took second place in Oberstdorf.

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Northough believes in four chances at the Olympics

Now Peter Northoj envisions Valnes taking part in four events during the Olympic Games in Beijing next month.

Northug follows Tour de Ski as a cross-country expert for TV 2.

– threw an artillery shell at a distance of 15 km in Ruka. She was also a good result in the 15km race in Linzerheide – despite the fact that he was in the race final the day before. I think he “generally” took a step into the distance.

-I imagine he goes to stage one in the relay, stage one in the team sprint, 15km and run in Beijing, Northough tells Nettavizen.

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The main character herself admits that she looks promising.

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– She looks very good, but we must not forget that the best four on that day will let her go. It’s important to be in good shape there and to be in shape in the first competitions there.

– It is important to be ahead of the curve along the way. Valens tells Netavisen that the application you made in advance is at least suitable for several distances.

He is also clear about the goal in the upcoming matches in China.

– There must be a medal to be happy.

– There are medals applicable to Norway. That’s how it is and that’s what I think about every day, says Valens.

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Monsen saw the tags

National team coach Monsen loves the progress Valens has shown this season – also over longer distances.

Muldensrin told Nettavisen that they saw signs that something was really going on in training last season.

– We saw it when he started running threshold training with the distance team already last year. “Oh, he’s hanging out,” Monson says.

– I’ve seen his features get better and better at it. Now he could cultivate it a bit more by participating in major competitions. The coach of the national team said it was an incredibly impressive and impressive development.

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The coach warns

But even though tele-evolution is positive, Monsen is still very concerned about one thing.

He doesn’t want Valens to lose the sprinting qualities that, among other things, earned him the silver medal during the WC at Oberstdorf last season.

The coach of the northern national team also warned of this and gave a clear message.

– I was really hard at it, says Monsen.

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I kept him, and he agrees, that he should be good at 15 kilometers and be a part of everything, but he should make sure he doesn’t just become a decent runner. Mouldani explains that he wants to perform there for many more years.

Valnes himself appreciates good advice from the coach.

– It’s good that Monson follows. It’s fast employment If you go to the wrong side a little. Valens tells Nettavizen that it is good to have Arield.

However, Northern is clear that he wants to master more than just sprinting.

– I can’t say that the enemy was the first priority. I’ve always trained like I do now. It is mostly distance training, with few sprint and speed sessions.

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Northog: – Very difficult

Johannes Høsflot Klæbo showed how it is possible to be the best at sprint and distance.

Peter Northoj did the same when he was at the top.

However, Northough cautions, it is by no means easy to find that balance.

– It’s very difficult. Not many people can do that. He has learned a little about it and then he has to make a choice before each season. What is the priority and what should he go for?

You just have to be clear about those choices in training. This is where you can influence the most. For now, he appears to be able to handle both quite well, Northough says.

However, the former figure skating king believes it will have consequences for Valnes’ speed training if he wants to take the fight to runners like Ivo Niskanen.

At the same time, Northough warns that it will end up between two chairs.

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However, national team coach Monsen is clear on how he wants Valens to train in the coming years.

We are training for the sprint and we must not delay it. He, like everyone else, is one year older than him. We also had a tour with Johannes about the same thing. We see that we should practice what we want to be good at. So it’s not just about an hour’s threshold. You will never be good at running if you don’t want to train explosively.

Monson thinks sprint training is a distance advantage anyway.

– There isn’t much difference of hours between him and Sgur Roth, but the hours of blast training should be included. I think this is only good for those who go the long distance, says Monsen.

Ready for a new stage in the Tour de Ski

Perhaps the characteristics could return again in the fifth stage of the Tour de ski. On Monday, it’s ready for the 15-kilometer joint launch in Val di Fiemme.

Valnes is currently fourth in the summary before the last two stages.

The men’s race starts at 14:50 on Monday, while the women will walk 10km from 12:40.

Top 5 places in Tour de Ski after 4 of 6 stages:
1. Johannes Husfluth Klebow
2. Pål Golberg +1.03.2020
3. Alexander Bolsonov +1.19
4. Eric Valnes +2.03.2007
5. Fabiani Vanessa +2.21

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