Skid, Football | Interest reveals from elite soap opera clubs: – the two were mostly on

Skid, Football |  Interest reveals from elite soap opera clubs: – the two were mostly on

NORDRE ÅSEN (Nettavisen): Ten years ago, Nettavisen wrote about a talented young man from Uranienborg in Oslo.

The 12-year-old’s name was Marcus Melchior, who had just returned from a trial match at big club Ajax, where he got some good shots.

“It was a very nice and good experience as I got some references on what it’s like in other places, so it’s definitely something I took with me,” Melchior tells Nettavisen today.

But where the young Norwegians have succeeded in recent years abroad, the final achievement was long overdue for the aforementioned Melchior.

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Watch the highlights from Skeid vs. Hodd:

– I learned alot

After playing for childhood club Frigg, in 2015 he moved to Vålerenga. There he went through the ranks of the club’s youth team, but did not stand a chance in a mandatory match for the ‘A’ team.

– Actually, Vålerenga’s era was very good. I learned a lot and took new steps. However, I was a bit small in stature for a long time, so development didn’t go as well as I’d hoped – but I learned to be patient. He says there are many useful lessons you’ve had with me since that time.

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Did you feel like you were stagnating and that others in your group had left?

– Yeah, well, I thought about it a bit. It’s always a little frustrating when you don’t have the development you want and you see others doing well early on. But no one can be like Martin Ødegaard when you are 16 years old. I think I learned to play faster because I fell behind in my physical development and I had to catch up. He figured it was something I take advantage of now that I’m a little older and part of the power room.

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– What about mentality?

– I think so. Melchior replies that knowing how to deal with both adversity and prosperity will clearly be an advantage in the future.

Benefit from Eliteserien

In 2021 there was a move to Skeid and Nordre Åsen, but it was only last season that the former great talent got off the hook. After being named the team’s player of the year from Torchov, a number of clubs were interested – including Tromsø and Viking, which Nettavisen had previously reported.

But Skid refused to get ahead of the quarterback. Instead, it was the other players who left the Nordrey Ossen gates. Frederick Bergley went to Sandefjord for free, and Jacob Napoleon Romsas was sold to Tromsø.

– This was my first season at the Obosliga level, but I noticed that my body got better and better throughout the season. I took steps and built confidence, so it’s been a very good season. This year, I’m going to build on that, he believes.

– How close were you to leaving Skeid last winter?

– there was a little bit of interest, but then it was a matter of finding what works for both Skeid and me.

– Viking and Tromsø were interested?

– Yes, they were probably the most popular. There were a few other clubs in the background too, but they were the two most excited, says the midfield general.

– Find out about upcoming offers

Most people would expect Melchior to be the club’s next export, if the impressive play from last season continues.

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before choosing a season OBOS league expert Amund Lutnæs Attpål outside Melchior as the third-biggest talent in the division.

– One of many in Skeid with a past in Vålerenga. Become an adult during the 2022 season. He really captured the midfield of FC Oslo. Nice driving and good pace. attack in style. The youngster is next on coach Jared Hulme’s selling list. He joins the ranks of talents who have developed well at Torchov over the years, It was expert judgment.

The protagonist himself isn’t disappointed about spending another season at Nordre Åsen, but maintains that offers from Viking and Tromsø were tempting.

– Obviously it’s a goal to take the next step sooner or later, but now I have a big yard here, so it’s not something I stress about. I know it will come, he says matter-of-factly.

– How early?

– No, it could be during the season or after it, but that’s not what I’m thinking about. We’ve just started the season, so the focus is here.

– very very good

Skeid boss Jared Hulme is full of praise for the development of his talented midfielder.

– Marcus has been very, very good since he came to us. He was a very exciting young player before that as well. He is also starting to get the physique that will allow him to play at a senior level, despite his small size. He is strong in duels and starts many counter-attacks for us, while also being good with the ball. We expect him to continue his development this year, Hulme believes.

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Is it the next natural sales target for you as a club?

– is one of them, and we have some others in this category. But he’s likely to be looked at by many clubs, so it’s just a matter of continuing to perform, Skeid’s boss analyzes.

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Skeid plays out at Jerv’s Stadium on Saturdays 15:00, And you can, of course, watch the match on Nettavisen and Direktesport.

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