Skiing, winter sports | Klæbo smash Ustgogov

Skiing, winter sports |  Klæbo smash Ustgogov

Johannes Husfluth Klæbo was the best from start to finish and took his fourth sprint victory in Davos. What the Trøndelag man did after the end made Northug react.

Klæbo maneuvered perfectly across the field in the final round of the final and crushed Sergey Ostgogov in Saturday’s World Cup sprint in Davos.

– I think the body today was on alert. I felt like I handled it easily in the quarter-finals and semi-finals, and I felt like I was getting more energetic throughout the day. Of course it feels great, Klæbo tells TV 2 after the race.

France’s Richard Goff finished third, while Eric Valens finished fourth. Even Northog impressed in Davos and reached the final. In the end he finished fifth, a career best for younger brother Northog.

Northog responds

TV 2 cross country expert Peter Northough was deeply moved by what Klæbo had shown in Davos, but reacted to something the 25-year-old did after finishing.

Klæbo chose to take the “Big Five” with the crowd when he celebrated the victory after the race.

“It’s as if it’s a little strange that he’s so close to the audience after the finish line with the Olympics in front of him and such considerations that he’s taking it,” Northog says.

Klæbo is known to take strict precautions regarding coronary heart disease, and lost several races last season due to the pandemic.

It should be noted, however, that he wore gloves when he took to the “Big Five” with the audience on Saturday afternoon.

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– These gloves are now done. They just go straight to the trash, unfortunately. But it was worth it, Klæbo tells TV 2 when he encounters Northug anxiety.

Fear Ostjogov

As is known, Sergei Ustyugov was the closest to Klæbo during Saturday’s sprint. The 29-year-old looked sharp at the start of the season, and Northog believes he is a man Norway should look after if he continues to develop.

It’s interesting to see Usstgogov’s comeback after last year. It’s getting better every week now. If he can get into lazy form, we should get one and dread the distance exercises and jogging at the Olympics, he says.

Northug is backed by expert Peter Skinstad, who believes Ustjugov looks particularly dangerous given the relay at the Olympics.

Ostgogov is starting to sound like a worse and worse anchor for Russia to deal with for Norway. Because he can walk fast every 10 kilometers before running as fast as few others, he says.

In addition, Skeenstad notes that men are more feared in Russia than Ustyugov.

– The Russians have another couple to be afraid of too, so the Russian team looks stronger and stronger towards the Olympics. As he says, Bolshunov will soon be back in good shape, too.

strong norwegian day

All six Norwegians who took part in Davos advanced from the front. There, Klæbo gave the first of several clues that he was the man hitting the sprint.

The Norwegian also did well at Lillehammer last week, when he won a sprint race in elimination style.

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Pål Golberg became the first Norwegian to break out of dancing when he smoked in the quarterfinals. Sindre Bjørnestad Skar finished first in the Golberg heat, but was sentenced to last place because he was convicted of illegally blocking Frenchman Jay Renaud.

Valens and Northog went to the final where half were Norwegians.

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