November 28, 2022


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sky, light phenomenon |  A mysterious light was observed in the sky above Trams

sky, light phenomenon | A mysterious light was observed in the sky above Trams

On Tuesday evening, a meteorite was reported to have been spotted in Drams and Nordland.

In Sørreisa, there is one of the continuously recording cameras.

The camera network is a collaboration between the Norwegian Meteorological Network and the Tyco Brahe Institute.

Tipsters say Nordland Newspaper A small meteor should have been seen in the direction from Fauske to Værøy.

It must have appeared to have wrecked in the Saltfjord near Bodo at 10.22pm on Tuesday.

But this meteor may have been observed from trams as well.

At 22.24, the Norwegian Meteor Network recorded a meteor from Sørreisa. This is admittedly unconfirmed, but observational images show it is most likely a meteorite.

Did you see the light in the sky? Do you have pictures? Send an email to [email protected]

Two observations

This is very close to the observation made from Salton.

An observation was made from Kaustatoppan at 21.27 hrs.

And a new observation was made from Sørreisa at 23.48.

Press contact Tor E. Aslesen says they have two sightings near Salton.

– But we have only one recording from one of our cameras, he says.

With only one recording from the camera, they still couldn’t measure the meteor’s direction or height.

– But he says that the observations in the meteor network recorded at 22.24 are consistent with those reported to Avisa Nordland.

Camera network

Aslesen points out that the number of times one can observe flares from the same location is highly irregular.

– You can rarely see two fireballs in the same night, and each time ten years may pass, says the press contact.

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He adds:

– A safe way to observe shooting stars, both small and large, is around constellations. But they are not usually very powerful shooting stars because they are usually very fast and burn up quickly in the atmosphere.