Sky News | The 41-year-old left his mobile phone at the scene

Sky News |  The 41-year-old left his mobile phone at the scene

On the night of Friday October 22 last year, someone broke into Ipsenhuset with a knife. Here I stole flashlights, tools and earplugs. The police came to Ibsenhist the next morning and saw the surveillance photos, where they thought they recognized the 41-year-old thief. In addition, they found a mobile phone with several cards in the cover, and the mobile phone belonged to the 41-year-old man.

Police didn’t have to go far to find the 41-year-old, who they found outside the Skien Diakonale Senter, a “stone thrower” from Ibsen’s house. He confessed to the theft, and in a bag he also carried a stick and 22 grams of amphetamine.

He had a special mask

The 41-year-old was in Telemark District Court, where he went to trial for the aforementioned burglary and several other burglaries and thefts. He admitted most things, but could not remember everything. The circumstances under which he was charged were from the period from October last year to June this year.

Several times, the 41-year-old has been caught red-handed, thanks to observing witnesses or video surveillance. Early in the morning on Sunday, February 6 this year, a nurse was parked on home service in downtown Skien. She did not notice anyone else nearby, except for a man with an easily recognizable mask and hat. This man was carrying a bag that looked like it contained tools.

After the nurse returned 10-15 minutes later, someone broke into her car. Private items, a work bag with medical equipment and some cash were taken from her. The police quickly arrived at the scene and told about the man she had seen in the area. It wasn’t long before the 41-year-old was arrested by police. At first he refused, but then admitted that he had thrown a bag down a ladder at Bigarasjen. The police ended up finding the stolen items, as well as ten letters that had been stolen from a named person. In addition, he had a knife and some amphetamines. Police also went to the home of the 41-year-old, where they found several bank cards, driver’s licenses and personal documents belonging to others.

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Caught in the video

On Monday January 24 this year, an electric scooter was stolen outside the Hercules Shopping Center in Skane. The police managed to watch the surveillance video, and there they clearly saw that it was the 41-year-old who had stolen the scooter. He admitted, and he did so at trial recently.

The 41-year-old from Greenland also admitted stealing a bicycle from a basement facility in Bø, as well as stealing a computer from Elkjøp in Notodden. Surveillance photos from Elkjøp showed he arrived at Elkjøp’s shop in a stolen Toyota Land Cruiser, and the 41-year-old denied stealing the car. He said another person stole the car and the court convicted him of stealing the car.

District Judge Ovind Haugen and co-judges Kristen Toubro and Stein Ivar Hogan sentenced to one year and three months in prison, three of which were suspended with three years of probation. From the unconditional part, he can deduct the 171 days he has already spent in custody.

The 41-year-old was convicted of nine cases of theft, one case of theft, one case of illegal possession of personal property and possession of 69 grams of amphetamine. In addition, he was convicted of carrying a knife and a telescopic stick and causing damage.

The sentence was slightly more stringent than the one proposed by the public prosecutor, police lawyer Kjetil Langbach, who believed an unconditional one-year prison sentence was an appropriate punishment. Attorney Bjorn Philipson defended the 41-year-old.

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