SkyShowtime – New streaming service launched!

SkyShowtime - New streaming service launched!

On March 25 this year, we received a brand new international energy service that we can subscribe to in the Nordic countries.

It is not known whether the newcomer to the electricity market, which is a highly competitive and consolidating market, has achieved commercial success; But the fact is that five months after launch, it was announced that Paramount + (ila 2022) will now be replaced by a new power service: «SkyShowtime».

Since 2017, ViacomCBS has a streaming service in Denmark. The streaming service “CBS All Access” re-launched as “Paramount +” in the United States, then came to Norway and the Nordic countries on March 25 this year.

With the launch of Nordic, subscribers have access to more than 6,000 movies and series episodes from Paramount Pictures, Showtime, Comedy Central, MTV and Nickelodeon. Most importantly, all future series from Showtime, among others, are now available only on Paramount+.

As of March of this year, Paramount+ is the new Homecoming. “Homeland, Season 8” (Image: Showtime)

Sky Showtime

Entertainment companies Comcast Corporation and ViacomCBS Inc. Today about a new partnership.

Companies are uniting to launch new subscription-based streaming service SkyShowtime in more than 20 European countries, with access to 90 million homes.

SkyShowtime will collect decades of content (movies and series) from NBCUniversal, Sky and ViacomCBS brands, including titles from Showtime, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, Paramount + Originals, Sky Studios, NBCUniversal, Universal Pictures and Peacock.

SkyShowtime aims to cover all genres and categories – including dramas, kids and family, popular brands and brands, premieres, local content, documentaries and much more.

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The new electricity service is expected to be launched during 2022 – subject to approval by the authorities.

The service will be available in more than 20 markets, including: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Montenegro, Netherlands, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.

Until SkyShowtime launches, Paramount+ will continue as it is today. The new Paramount Originals series will be released, and new Paramount movies (selected) will be released simultaneously in cinemas and live.

We’ve been in touch with Paramount+ press service in the Nordics today, but they can’t confirm what will happen to those who have already signed up for an annual Paramount+ subscription, or whether they will be automatically switched over to SkyShowtime.

And Paramount+ subscriber count isn’t something the company does — but we’re assuming they’ve faced stiff competition from Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video with more acquisitions going on.

SkyShowtime will feature exclusive premieres, new movies and TV seasons released every month with a high-quality library of favorites and classics, plus 2,500 hours of family and kids programming.

From the press release we can read that they promise more than 10,000 hours of entertainment from launch time.

Raffaele Annecchino, President and CEO, ViacomCBS Networks International, uttaler:

With the launch of SkyShowtime, we are uniquely positioned to leverage our global content to create a powerful streaming show, quickly and at scale, with a smart and strategic investment. In addition to our recently announced partnership between Paramount+ and Sky in the UK, Italy and Germany, SkyShowtime represents a significant opportunity to accelerate our market expansion and build a leading position in the European energy market.

Dana Strong, CEO of Sky Group, utdyper:

Our new SkyShowtime streaming service will bring together the best of the US and Europe with iconic brands and world-class entertainment for millions of consumers in more than 20 new markets. In the wake of the news that Peacock is coming to Sky, this partnership provides an innovative approach to rapidly scaling content internationally and monetizing content. Building on the incredible programming power of NBCUniversal, Sky and ViacomCBS, and powered by Peacock platform technology, SkyShowtime will provide a truly comprehensive suite for the whole family and strong brand awareness in these regions.

More details about the SkyShowtime offer, such as the monthly price, will be announced at a later time. Paramount+ currently charges a monthly rate of NOK 69.

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With the launch of SkyShowtime, the streaming market will be even more divided, with more and more players enjoying exclusive rights to movies and series; Whether it’s new or archive addresses.

The big question now is what small national streaming services like TV Sumo and Viaplay will offer in the future of content, whether all the major international film companies pull content to offer it exclusively on their own streaming services.

And is the audience really ready to subscribe to 3-5 streaming services?

To be able to make a qualified decision about which streaming service you should definitely subscribe to, we have tested all the major ones for you. Read the guide here!

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