Slaughtered: – The worst in the world

Slaughtered: - The worst in the world

– If Denmark’s World Cup efforts turn out to be as miserable as our new anthem, you can also start practicing throwing flat screens out the window.

This is how Extra Bladet music reviewer Thomas Trio sums up Denmark’s new FIFA World Cup song. The song was released on Wednesday with the title “Skulder ved skulder.”

Despite the Danes’ impressive efforts on the field, including last year’s European Championships, the results on the field don’t seem to carry over to the music studio, we have to believe Extra Bladet the reviewer.

– Sings like a pro

Several stars of the Danish national team appear in the music video for the song, and Denmark goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel has his own single. Although many would say that the choice of Schmeichel and the other national team players is a sporting thing, Trio has a somewhat different opinion.

a celebration: Romelu Lukaku celebrated his goal against Russia in last year’s European Championship by declaring his love for Christian Eriksen in front of the camera. Video: red card.
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– The goalkeeper sings like the graduate who got the Puma King in size 49, where it’s even more painful.

The criticism doesn’t stop there either.

“Shoulder to shoulder” isn’t really worse than all the other horrors we’ve experienced over the years, but Kasper Schmeichel’s jungle trek as a solo singer drags the vulgarity away in the Qatar sands, Trio wrote.

So it’s probably not a huge surprise that Trio ends up giving “shoulder to shoulder” one out of six stars. He summed up the song as “the worst in the world” and a “tone-deafening”.

Qatar has long become a nefarious organization, but “shoulder to shoulder” at least is not worthy of criticism. At least for those with good taste, Trio concludes.

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– he succeeded

The national team performed the Danes contribution to the WC song in collaboration with artists and songwriters Burhan G and Nicolai Seebach, among others. In a press release issued by the Danish Football Association on Wednesday, it was revealed that 34,000 suggestions were submitted by fans with suggestions for what the song should contain.

The press release states that it is important for the song to focus on “team spirit.”

– We tried to create a song that focused on community and teamwork, and I think we succeeded together, says songwriter Burhan Ji in the press release.

At least half of the song’s profits will go to Fotboldfonden, which works to create experiences for children and vulnerable families.

The unity of the Danish national team, and Denmark in general, became especially evident during last year’s European Football Championship, when the national team player, Christian Eriksen, suffered a heart attack on the field. After cardiac arrest, the teammates, among other things, gathered around Eriksen to block access. Kasper Schmeichel was also one of those who were later praised for his efforts.

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