Slow moving queue on E18 after two accidents

Slow moving queue on E18 after two accidents

Two traffic accidents were reported on the road.

Traffic is moving slowly on the E18 towards Oslo after an accident in Oskar on Monday morning. Photo: Norwegian Road Administration

At 07.41, police say emergency services are en route to the E18 between Holmen and Oskar. It could be a collision from behind.

– There is a slow-moving queue and lots of traffic, police write.

In an update at 07.49, police write that a car recovery is on its way:

– One of the victims of the accident has injuries on his hand and the person is being examined by an ambulance.

It looks like this on the E18 at Hjortnes kaia towards Oslo at eight o'clock on Monday morning. Photo: Norwegian Road Administration

Shortly after, another accident was reported in Asghar. This entry in Drengsrud.

– Report of only one accident where a car was allegedly driven into the safety lane. A slow-moving queue at the site, police write 07.56.

Police chief Gabriel Langfeldt explains that the accidents happened in different directions.

– No directions are blocked, but there is a slow moving sequence. Langfeldt tells VG that lanes one and two may be closed due to the rescue.

No serious injuries were reported, he added.

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