Small business uses virtual reality to fight at the top – NRK Troms and Finnmark

Small business uses virtual reality to fight at the top - NRK Troms and Finnmark

We are inside the world of virtual reality. Here we see the engine room.

We were shown around and explained the plans for the new piping system put in place by GSG.

GSG is engaged in the production of various types of plastics, tubes and piping systems for companies within, among others, the agriculture industry.

– We couldn’t compete with companies from southern Norway, says founder and general manager, Roger Erlandssen

So they started investing in modern technology to make the company more attractive.

Today, GSG is a supplier to many of Norway’s largest agricultural companies.

By combining 3D and VR technology, they will be the best in the North.

– My son told me that we have to buy VR to play with it.

– I thought we should be able to use this for other things too, says the entrepreneur.

Easy to use: Erlandsen displays the PC with a recipe for using the VR software. He claims to be able to teach it to anyone in less than an hour.

Photo: Johan Isak Niska / NRK

In 10 years, it will be more common to work with virtual reality than without it

Founder and Managing Director Roger Erlandsen believes technology will take over the construction industry in not many years.

Professor and researcher Ekaterina Prasulova-Forland at NTNU agrees with Erlandsen about the future prospects.

Professor Ekaterina Prasulova-Vorland, NTNU

Professor of Virtual Reality: Head of the Research Group for Innovative Immersive Technologies for Learning (IMTEL) and VR/AR Laboratory (IMTELLab), Ekaterina Prasulova-Forland. Specialization in ICT, Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR/MR) for Learning and Training.

Photo: Lynn Knutley/NTNU

she You have S.Specialization within, among others, virtual and augmented reality for learning and training.

shortening distances in the north

While the boat is out at sea again, the interior of the boat can be designed in the office in 3D software.

When the design is completed, the VR glasses can be placed to see if the model is suitable for carrying goods.

This way, the GSG and the fisherman can inspect the boat from every side of the country. before the model was actually produced.

The scanning operator, Olaf Josephsen, says travel time is going down and productivity is going up.

He also says 3D scanning is much more accurate than manual measurements.

Olaf Josephson

Enjoying the Job: Scan Operator, Olaf Josephsen, The advanced camera setup that technology makes possible. He is enjoying himself at GSG.

Photo: Johan Isak Niska / NRK

“If we wanted to do it the old-fashioned way, we’d drive the car to the customer, take measurements, and hopefully that would be enough,” Roger Erlandsen explains.

– If we find that we are missing only one necessary measurement, we have to get in the car again and return to the customer.

GSG has established itself in the small village of Kunes in Finnmark.

GSG production headquarters in Kunis

New places: From their new headquarters in Kunes in Lebesby municipality, the GSG team will invest in the coming years.

Photo: Simen Meistad Hermansen / NRK

Erlandsen says virtual and 3D reality is safer, too.

Inside the machine room, where it works traditionally, there can be a lot of noise and bad air. The measurements you need may be high or in unfavorable places.

With the new 3D tools, this is no longer necessary.

Roger Erlandsen showing a 3D model

Safe: Roger Erlandsen can retrieve all possible measurements from the customer’s machine room.

Photo: Johan Isak Niska / NRK

– It goes without saying that we are sitting safely in an office chair.

Researcher Prasolova-Førland at NTNU can confirm that many people use the technology in the same way as GSG:

Many car manufacturers, such as Ford, are using virtual reality for new prototypes. Equinor uses it to review platforms before going live.

Roger Erlandsen is convinced that with this technology they can reach anyone, anywhere, anytime.

– We can reach the whole world of Kons!

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