Smoke rising from the new massive strike in Norway

Smoke rising from the new massive strike in Norway

This winter’s new Norway hit hit has produced blockbuster hits that all Norway listens to. The biggest national teaser “Ludvig Daae” with Helene Olafsen (31) currently has 2.6 million plays on Spotify.

This week the stage was set for the theme “Christmas Carols”, with many participants impressing the judges and viewers. Many songs have already been placed in the top 50 on Spotify.

This evening it was comedian Maria Stavang who had to leave the competition – for now.

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Everything from one dice roll to six

The evening’s songs impressed and shocked the guides. Mentor Kristen Danke, 37, said she had high expectations for the Christmas mood this Saturday, as this week’s theme was “Christmas”.

If I don’t understand it, I’ll be strict with the dice, Dancke explains.

Olafsen continued to impress and scored six dice for the song “Mamma Du er Jul”. She threw six dice, and before the end of the news she was at the top of the rankings with 26 points. It also won this week, meaning Olafsen won Best Original Song on every show.

After the break, challenger Troels Svendsen (49) and co-star Charlotte Hvide Smith (32) appeared on stage.

Only six: Trolls Svendsen and cohabiting Charlotte Smith were tonight’s winners according to their mentors. Photo: Martin Leigland / TV 2

The song was well received, and the mentors were very impressed. They only have six, a first for the season. When TV Two asked the couple about the experience, they could tell it was a beautiful evening.

– I could have dreamed of it, actually. It was absolutely amazing fun. Then I was allowed to stand here with my girlfriend, and she did. Svendsen says I am very proud and happy.

When Smith was asked what it was like trying only six dice on the song, he could tell it was overwhelming.

I was completely speechless, I didn’t expect it. It was just totally sick fun. Making a song with Daniel was amazing in itself.

Although Smith is not an artist, she can reveal that she writes the lyrics at home and that she has dreamed of becoming an artist.

– It has been my dream to play music, but I have a lot of fear on stage. But Trolls is trying to get me to, so that was part of the reason he agreed to this here, she explains.

Yes it is. It’s part of my cunning plan to get her out of here. It’s very good, and more people should hear what it’s made of, Svendsen adds.

can come back

At the end of the broadcast, it became known that despite Stavang smoking, she would have the opportunity to fight back in competition for the final next Saturday.

When asked by host Eric Solbakken, 36, if she was frustrated with escaping, she replied in classic style.

– No, perhaps it was a little predictable, I didn’t exactly make the birthday song, she said, laughing.

“I went for something I wanted to make and that was rap Bergen, so it was a bit silly to have a Christmas theme this week,” the 27-year-old continued.

On TV 2, she made it clear that smoking was painful, of course, but she was still happy that she made the song she wanted, she said. However, she can say that she enjoys every program.

She could come back: Although Stavang smoked this week, she can come back if her song is the most played by Wednesday.  Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

She could come back: Although Stavang smoked this week, she can come back if her song is the most played by Wednesday. Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

The most fun thing was that you could come up with a new person every time, she says.

– It’s fun to get messages from people on social media where kids are dancing to my songs, she continues.

It is precisely one of the participants who smoked earlier in the season who has a chance to return. It was decided that the song that got the most streams by Wednesday at 12 noon will participate in the final next Saturday.

Previous entrants who have had the chance to return to the competition have been actress Magnus “Ode” Williamson, influencer Caroline Berg Eriksen, presenter Einar Nelson, and now comedian Maria Stavang.

Staffang himself is hoping for a place in the final.

– I hope to reach the final. She concluded, “Oda and I are cutting knives around that place, so I’m going to take some calls and hope it goes well.

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Martin Lundy – “for me”

Martine Lunde (25 years old) started the evening with her song Gaven din, which was produced with her mentor Vidar Villa (32). Lundy was able to say that she hoped people and mentors thought the song was just as sweet as hers. She received good feedback from the judges, but only got 19 points.

“You can be my gift, Martin,” Villa said to a laugh of both the mentors and the audience.

Maria Stavang – “Mom You Are Christmas”

Then it was comedian Maria Stavang (26 years old) who would enter the stage with the song “Eg e slem”, a rather unconventional Christmas song, with the help of guide Mira (27). Staffang wanted to compose a rap song Bergen, and he impressed the judges with their skills.

– There’s nothing you can’t, Maria! Dancke boasted and compared the song to Kamelen’s hit “Creme de la creme.”

Despite this, she ended up with only 18 points, but this did not affect the mood of the comedian.

– Maybe you don’t have a Christmas mood, I felt like a Bergen rapper. And she joked, “This is the only thing I want for Christmas!”

Staffang ended up at the bottom and thus had to leave the competition.

Oscar Westerlin – “Silly Merry Christmas”

After the break, Oskar Westerlin, File Spårtsklubben, appeared on stage in familiar fashion. His song this week was based on the feeling of receiving bad Christmas gifts from various family members.

However, the song didn’t impress with guide Liz Carlsens, who gave him a dice roll for the song.

– That was a reference to “The Grinch,” but now you suck the joy of Christmas out of me, says Karlsnes, before throwing the slightest roll of the dice on the show.

Although Westerlin didn’t impress all the judges, he still garnered some praise.

– You always give a party. Even though this wasn’t “jingle bells,” Mira said, it was at least “cute.”

Helen Olafsen – “Mom You Are Christmas”

Host Helen Olafsen had high expectations before she even entered the stage. She had the biggest hits of the season, but she didn’t let herself be swayed by the wand for that reason. She impressed the guides again, and she climbed to the top with 26 points.

The Mamma Du er Jul song was a tribute to both her mother and all the other mothers who are working to make Christmas the best it can be.

– I think my mother is sitting at home and shedding some tears now, she said with a smile after the performance.

Obviously, Olafsen and his mentor Liz Karlsnes were proud after the performance.

– That would be a little Wenche Myhre meets the gospel, and it probably wouldn’t get any better. I am very proud and very touched. Now she said I got in the mood for Christmas.

Olafsen also got his early 60s in the evening.

“What don’t you like,” Ole Evinrude said before rolling the dice.

Olafsen was – again – the winner of tonight’s broadcast with the most viewership votes.

Abu Hussein – “The Home of Bethlehem”

Then it was obvious to comedian Abu Hussein, who said he never celebrated Christmas – but always had a wish. He performed the song Home to Bethlehem which he wrote with Kristen Dunkey.

– I’m so glad I had the chance to spend the Christmas holidays with you before this show ended. Dancke said I’m very proud of you.

Mentor Ole Evinrude also liked his Christmas rap.

– It’s only Christmas once a year. I did a good job, he said, and the chorus was good.

Trols Svendsen and Charlotte Smith – “When Christmas Peace Sinks”

The last time this week’s competitor was Trolls Svendsen, who brought his wife Charlotte Smith with him. They impressed the rulers so much, they only got six mentors.

– This is the best thing I’ve done in the whole program. This is more than a megabyte, this is a real song! Guide Daniel Kafman said: I am very happy.

All guides can reveal their deep affection and admiration, even with Smith’s voice.

“This is the first time I’ve had goosebumps during the show,” said Liz Karslins.

You’ll watch the new Norwegian Grand Final hits next Saturday at 20 on TV 2, and whenever you want on TV 2 Play.

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