June 8, 2023


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Smoky - Humiliated and Crushed Quarter-finals Dream From Sweden: - Score Team - VG

Smoky – Humiliated and Crushed Quarter-finals Dream From Sweden: – Score Team – VG

(Sweden-Norway 7-1) Norway should have won, but instead it was Sweden who broke the ice at Nokia. Thus, Norway’s dream was shattered in the quarter-finals.


– Just to congratulate Sweden. They were better than us today, Ken-Andre Olympe tells Viaplay.

Norway had put themselves in a nightmare situation before Sunday’s settlement between Norway and Sweden – they had to beat both Sweden and the United States. The last time Norway and Sweden met was in the 2019 World Cup, then “Sweet Brother” won 9-1.

– Maybe we’ll have an ice hockey lesson. They are much better than us. There is a difference in the category, and there is nothing more to be said for it, national team coach Peter Thøressen tells the licensee.

The situation did not improve when Niels Aman put the ball in the net after just three minutes. Fortunately for the Norwegian Ice Warriors, Thoresen challenged the target. After a thorough examination by the judges, it was rescinded.

Ten minutes later, Sweden activated in front of Norway’s goal again, and Jacob Peterson fired a shot. The disc went across the sleigh to Johannes Johanssen, and eventually.

Norway had several good chances to equalize, and played in a five-for-three period, but it was still 1-0 after the first half.

– All in all, that was a good 20 minutes, concluded Viaplay commentator Ole Eskild Dahlstrøm after the first period.

GOT BANK: Norway got to banks Sweden in the Hockey World Cup. Here, Swede Rasmus Asplund (centre) tries to score on Jonas Arntzen (right). Christian Casastole (left).

Norway started the second half in extra time and created several good chances but failed to equalize the position.

On the other hand, Sweden was relentlessly efficient for four minutes. William Nylander first increased the difference to 2-0, before Peterson set his second goal of the evening. Rasmus Asplund scored Sweden’s fourth goal.

Two minutes before the end of the first half, Dahlin faced Lucas Wollmark, diagonally outside the goal, who scored the fifth goal for Sweden.

Norway got off to a great start in the third half when Johansen fired a shot on target. Tobias Vladebe settled the second leg and set his first goal in the tournament.

The boy Asker joined the team as a reserve for Mats Rosselli Olsen, who had to stand up due to injury.

Unfortunately for the Norwegians, Sweden responded immediately when Oscar Lang got a disc behind Arntzen in the Norwegian cage, and Max Friberg hit the ball into the net.

A minute later, the mess happened. A shot passed through the referee and entered the Swedish cage. Sweden goalkeeper Magnus Helberg apparently did not understand anything, as did the referees.

Thus, they had to go into their box and call to check what the regulations stipulated. There they were told that they had to cancel the goal because the referee could not score.

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– It’s probably all right, Viplay commentators Kasper Wickstad and Dallstrom agree.

Before full-time, Asplund scored his second goal of the evening and increased Sweden’s lead to 7-1.

note! Norway meets the United States in their last Hockey World Cup match on Thursday at 15:20.