Smooth roads: – Drive carefully – VG

Smooth roads: - Drive carefully - VG
Smooth roads: Police are urging motorists to drive carefully on Friday night.

There are slippery roads in many parts of the country on Friday night. Police are asking people to drive carefully.


Police in Møre og Romsdal have received complaints from several road users across the district that there are very slippery roads in the district. This is what the operations manager tells Roar Filing VG.

– There are a number of traffic accidents, but none are serious, he says.

A car crashed into a roof in Moldova early this morning. Three people were taken to the emergency department in Rauma after the traffic accident, but no one was seriously injured.

– People need to think that there are slippery roads and we have a clear incentive to drive carefully. It may look good, but at the next turn it will be slippery, says Filling.

Contractors to build the road are all over the district.

Police in the East are also reporting slippery roads.

– A car ran off the road at the Skadalsveien / Haugeveien junction. No serious injuries. It’s very slippery in that spot, they write Twitter.

Significant avalanche risk in many places

On Friday, a significant avalanche risk is expected in the Trollheimen area, meteorologists said Yr.

– Generally, it is recommended to avoid avalanche terrain, they write on their website.

Landslides can hit some avalanche-prone roads and rarely buildings.

Significant avalanche risk has also been reported in Sunnmøre, Indre Fjordane, Jotunheimen, Indre Sogn and Voss.

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