Snow, ice and snow create glass-smooth roads in eastern Norway

Snow, ice and snow create glass-smooth roads in eastern Norway

Road Transport Centre Sunday evening Eastern has a very clear message:

– Large areas of eastern Norway have precipitation in the form of snow, ice and rain. Ice is a major hazard on roads. Drive carefully, keep a good distance and slow down. If you don’t need to use the car, leave it alone!

On Sunday evening, no serious injuries were reported, but there were accidents in eastern Norway and elsewhere in the country.

In Gjøvik, a car went into a ditch in Kvennomslinna. The driver had to go to the emergency room and the car sustained extensive damage, police said in an internal report.

More accidents

At Ørmen in Fredrikstad, a car skidded off the road, but no one was injured.

– There are difficult driving conditions, drive carefully, the Eastern Police District was advised after several descents on Sunday afternoon.

According to one perspective VG Accidents have taken place at many places in the country:

  • In Larvik, a driver’s car spun out of control on the E18.
  • In Tjøme, a car ended up on its roof due to extremely slippery roads.
  • In Fredrikstad, there have been reports of cars running off the road.
  • In Valdres, three cars collided.
  • In Sirdal, an ambulance fell into a ditch after an accident between two cars.
  • On Twitter, police said there were no serious injuries in any of the accidents.

Very difficult driving conditions

At Gvarv in Telemark, six people and two cars were involved in the accident. One of the cars ended up in a field and the other was left on the road. Blocked in both directions. Fortunately, no people were injured – but the cars were heavily damaged, according to the Sørøst Police District.

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It got worse in the evening. Patrolmen in the district report extremely difficult driving conditions. The weather is changeable and very mild almost everywhere.

It is shipped in yellow color Danger warning About snow and difficult driving conditions in large parts of southern Norway.

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