Snow problem in many places – Major bus problems in Oslo and Viken – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

Snow problem in many places – Major bus problems in Oslo and Viken – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

He writes that many bus routes have been completely canceled due to the snow Directions on their websites. Bus problems apply to both Oslo and Viken. More than 170 lines are affected.

The Road Traffic Center reports demanding conditions in Østfold.

– We are out with all the crew. They continue to drive to cover the roads with heavy traffic first, then we gradually cover the smaller ones. We are planning to run through the evening and into the night, says transport operator Arvid Wallström.

On Friday afternoon, the Airbus overturned on the national highway 110 between Raed and Friedrichstadt.

– For the passengers on the plane, it appears dramatically when the bus suddenly overturns in a field. But it must have happened at a slower speed, around 30 to 40 kilometers per hour. Haakon Hatlem, operations manager of the Eastern Police District, says people need to calculate traffic problems on the spot.

Passengers have been transferred to another bus and no one is expected to be seriously injured. Driving at the scene is very difficult, police said.

Police say a bus overturned and crashed on Haugeveien in Sarpsborg. The driver was the only person on board and should not have been injured.

Østfold Public Transport reports on Facebook that all buses in Halten have been canceled due to traffic. Svinesundveien in Halten is closed in both directions due to the rescue of a bus that fell into a ditch.

On the E16 at Valdres, two wagon trains overturned. Wagon trains are on opposite sides of the road and access to the site is reduced.

In Alwadal, National Highway 3 was closed due to a traffic accident involving two trucks and a car. The extent of the damage is unknown, but those involved were taken to the emergency room and hospital.

A car collided with an ambulance at Meensvegen in Skene. One person was taken to the emergency department for evaluation. The cars have been recovered and the road has been opened to normal traffic, police said.

Ambulance crashed during emergency - skein - very slippery 3

In Skene, a car and an ambulance have collided with each other.

Photo: Theo Asland Wallen

Police encourage people to drive according to conditions and be patient.

– Most people will get there eventually, there is no reason to rush on a day like today, there is still a lot of snow on most roads, says operations manager Rune Hekkelstrand.

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