January 30, 2023


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Snow warns of chaos: – Be careful getting out of the car

Traffic jams may occur due to heavy weather in the next few days.

Meteorologists have warned that up to 30 cm of snow may fall during the day in the southern and eastern parts of the country.

On Wednesday morning, police in Oslo appealed to everyone out in traffic to time their time, drive according to the conditions and make sure they’re OK.

– If the situation is really bad, think about getting out of the car, they write on Twitter.

Similarly, East Police District is also expecting more traffic accidents due to snowfall.

– This often increases with traffic accidents when we get such driving conditions, says Halver Andersen, project manager at the operations center. Roman Empire newspaper.

Heavy snow: Much of southern and eastern Norway will see snow on Wednesday. Here at Klosterskogen from highway 36. Photo: Norwegian Road Administration
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Several accidents have already been reported in the morning where cars were driven into the safety lane. This happened on E18 in Drammen, E134 in Kongsberg, E6 in Vingrom and E6 in Oslo.

On the E18 near Sandivika, two cars collided. No injuries were reported. The road was closed to traffic in the direction of Drammen while waiting for a tow truck, but later reopened.

A number of road sections are also closed, including the E134 over Haugelifjell. It probably won’t be open to traffic there on Wednesday.

R7 Hardangervidda, Songesandvegen in Hjelmeland, national highway 13 Vikafjellet and Hunnedalsvegen in Rogaland and Agder (county road 450) are also closed as a result of the storm.

Road Traffic Centers are reporting that convoys are operating at several locations and several road sections may be closed at short notice.

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