Snow, weather and climate | Snø products are being snapped off the shelves: – Lots of products are sold out

Snow, weather and climate |  Snø products are being snapped off the shelves: – Lots of products are sold out

In 2023, snow is already wreaking havoc on parts of our country. There were demanding driving conditions in several places, and water damage is trickling down to insurance companies and Now ice comes on the roads.

The demand for various ice products has also increased sharply.

– The sale of shovels, shovels, snow blowers, rubbish and melting products often reminds you of changing to winter tires. We like to put it off until the last minute, some of us even a few more days. Since the beginning of December, sales of various types of snow blowers have doubled, and this week has completely taken off, says Obs BYGG’s chain manager, Espen Braaten.

shredded from the shops

Coop’s latest overview shows that sales of snowbreakers up 113 percent, snow tools such as shovels, buckets, and shovels were up 76 percent, and sales of bedding and melting products were up 116 percent.

– We have both loose sand and snowblowers in stock and the vast majority of our stores have in-store items, but for loose sand in particular, you may find that they can be sold for shorter periods. The influx of customers who need loose sand is so great that we don’t have time to replenish goods before they’re taken out of stores, but more goods are on the way, says Communications Director Harald Christiansen at Coop to Nettavisen.

Snow blowers and loose sand are also very popular products at Biltema.

– The last remnants of the cutters are now on their way to the warehouses, but because of the heavy snowfall, individual warehouses have run out, says Biltima press contact Leila Solberg to Nettavisen.

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Biltema sees sales grow 18 percent in spades:

—but here we’re pretty sold out, Solberg says.

– We don’t have enough seagull equipment, even though the estimates are up from last year, she adds.

There are still power supplies left in the chain in some of its warehouses.

– Those who are out of power now will have to wait a bit to refill as we are empty centrally, but from mid-January new shipments will arrive in stores. And rest assured, we still have our tasting salt and other spicing products available, so just wait there until local orders are delivered to stores.

– sold out in some stores

Jernia and Clas Ohlson also sold important ice products.

We’ve been sold out in some stores for both shovels and gravel and power tools since last week, and in some stores after the new year, he says. Espen Carlsen, director of Jernia, to Nettavisen.

Competitor Claas Olsson also noted this.

– We’ve seen a lot of demand in recent weeks, and obviously it depends on the weather. In Oslo, we have run out of street salt, but not so much in other cities. We will receive some products like sticks this week to the central warehouse in Sweden, and they will be in Norwegian stores over the weekend, he says. Anders Wahl, press contact at Claes Olhson Norden.

Carlsen says that Gernia will receive new stock today or tomorrow.

– There is not enough for everyone

However, Carlsen doesn’t think there will ever be enough for everyone who comes to buy.

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– I don’t think so, it depends on what the weather is like. Good advice is that if I need a snow shovel or a snow blower, I would choose it jernia. no When you click, collect and secure me.

Snow blowers can only be purchased at some Jernia stores, and the chain will not receive any more snow blowers in stock this year.

Getting electricity can also be difficult.

– There isn’t enough for everyone when it comes to electricity, but we’re constantly filling stock again. Carlsen concludes that we do our best to get what our customers need.

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