June 9, 2023


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Snowfall, Flood, and Landslide Warning for Vestfold, Telemark – NRK Vestfold, Telemark – Local News, TV & Radio

We’ve put behind us a week of blue skies, bright sun and good temperatures.

At the beginning of this week, a very different kind of weather awaits us, according to government meteorologist Martin Granrod.

– We now get low pressure ringing in and out at the Skagerrak. Once it starts to rain, it keeps going.

Rain reports: State meteorologist Martin Granrod can tell we’re going to have a wet start to the week.

Photo: Kamilla Pedersen/MET

30-50 mm of precipitation

In some places, it can approach 30-50 mm per day.

The interior of Vestfold is likely to receive the most rain. but also the southern part of Buskerud and the eastern parts of Telemark.

There’s no danger of rain warning, but you can expect to get some rainwater here and there, says Granerød.

Flood prevention measures should become part of the spring routine, NVE urges in a news release.

They advise that you walk around the local area and clean your gutters, ponds, and other waterways free of snow, ice, soil, gravel, twigs, and leaves.

It may also be a good idea to move bales and caravans away from the river bank.

Lots of precipitation combined with melting snow will increase the amount of water, and where the precipitation comes in the form of rain, the amounts can trigger landslides.

He writes that steep slopes, as well as streams and rivers with a large flow of water are especially at risk to caution.

Flood risk at the yellow level for parts of Viken, Vestfold and Telemark.

Flood risk at yellow level for parts of Vestfold and Telemark. Farsom wrote that heavy rains with melting snow are expected to cause flooding on Monday and Tuesday.

Image: NVE screenshot

Snow replenishment

Some of that precipitation will fall as snow in the uplands, says state meteorologist Granroad.

The snow limit will be variable over the next few days.

In the outer regions of Vestfold, it may shed a bit, but it probably won’t settle to the ground.

Snow warning for parts of eastern Norway on April 24

Snow warning in parts of eastern Norway.

Photo: Meteorological Institute

– We like to get into the inner parts of the county or go up to Buskerud or Telemark before it settles down so we can be challenged by it.

In areas where precipitation falls in the form of snow, it can fall about 15-25 cm.

The meteorologist recommends protecting vulnerable facilities and objects that cannot withstand the amount of snow.

– Use the appropriate tires and drive according to the conditions, reads the call from the Met.

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