Snuff shortage across Norway: – We apologize

Snuff shortage across Norway: – We apologize

Struggling to find your favorite snuff?

This is how Gardermon looked at the beginning of May. Now there is a new nosebleed shortage. Photo: VG Notes

In mid-March, a fire broke out at a Swedish match factory in Gothenburg.

This has created delivery problems for the snus supplier throughout Norway.

Several snus products are in short supply within the General Lowes and G3 brands.

Distribution issues

Now again there is a shortage of nasal sprays.

A picture of a snuff factory fire in March. Photo: Aftonbladet/Reader Image

– Unfortunately, it is true that we still have problems with deliveries of products from the Gothenburg factory, including general products, says Nils Erlimo at Swedish Match to VG.

Due to the fire, the Swedish match could not return to full bowling.

Erlimo says logistics depend on multiple parts working simultaneously, which they don't yet have.

– We take this very seriously. We regret that we are not where we should be. We have increased production and we want to increase it further with more changes in the factory, says Erlimo.

He further explains that it is especially difficult in the middle of the holidays.

– but we are doing our best and hope to sort this out in a few weeks.

There was a shortage of snuff in May, but the Swedish match was able to supply snuff shortly after.

A fire brigade at a snuff factory in March. Photo: Adam Ihse / TT


In recent days, many local newspapers wrote about the lack of odor in their region.

Fredrikstad Blad It was at the Nordby Shoppingcenter in Svinesund, and I could write that the snus shelves were half full of all the shops that carry snus.

Ståle Løvheim, the center's manager, told the newspaper that despite the half-empty shelves, he was unaware of the lack of odors in the center.

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Do not hoard

After a fire at a snuff factory in March, no one was injured, said press manager Johan Vredberg.

At the time, he didn't know when production would resume.

– There is no reason to hide, he told Aftonbladet in March.

Wredberg also said there does not appear to be a shortage of snuff.

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