So, it takes a long time before you update the iPhone, but why aren’t the apps updated?

So, it takes a long time before you update the iPhone, but why aren't the apps updated?

Have you ever wondered why you cannot get the latest iOS update for your iPhone automatically? You may have activated automatic update.

Therefore, it may take up to a month

We had an idea of ​​why Apple did this, and now it’s confirmed by Apple Program Manager Craig Federighi who replied to a customer via email:

“We’re rolling out updates gradually, first to those who request the update, then one to four weeks later (after receiving feedback on the update) on devices that have auto-update enabled.”

That’s all well and good, but as Engadget points out, it would be smart if Apple didn’t follow its own rule if it had a critical security update ready, which doesn’t contain new features or big changes has a higher chance of containing other critical bugs.

But why are the apps never updated?

The following scenario is ambiguous: you may have always enabled auto-update for apps, but even after several nights with your phone plugged in, you have to go to the App Store and manually request updates, and then there are 60 apps that haven’t been updated in a long list. Why is it like that?

We’ve had this issue for a long time, and a look at the Reddit thread where the customer received an answer from Federighi, is a lot in the same boat.

One user says the mobile phone must be charged with the cable in order for apps to auto-update for it to work. This isn’t a requirement we’ve heard before, but it may be (we asked Federighi, he answered and we’ll follow up).

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What are your experiences?

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