Sofia Tjelta on having actor parents:

Sofia Tjelta on having actor parents:

Many people know the name of Sofia Tjelta Sidnes (23 years old), who has recently distinguished herself as an actress – including one of the main roles in the series “Delete Me”.

She also had a major role in the miniseries “A Midsummer Night” this spring.

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The daughter of Pia Tjelta (46) and Kerry Haugen-Sidnes (51), Tjelta Sidnes is among those following in her parents' footsteps – with both parents achieving great success in the same industry.

However, it's not necessarily an advantage, the 23-year-old says on the podcast.Hanna and the lucky ones».

Sofia Tjelta is currently in the new season of “Delete Me”. Correspondent: Nora Scavhoj. Video: “Delete Me”/Viaplay.
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The newspaper online This issue was also mentioned.

She feels that others have very high expectations of her as an actress.

– He's a little crazy. “I don't know if this is just a feeling I have, or if it's true,” she says.

He opens up to his girlfriend

He opens up to his girlfriend

The actor is currently in his first year in the theater program at Oslo Academy of the Arts – a notoriously difficult program to get into. In the podcast, it becomes clear that the 23-year-old feels she has something to prove.

We had a chat with Pia Tjelta during this year's Gullruten when she told us about a strange thing that happened. Video: Klaus Fjelro. Reporters: Jonas Hammer/Ken Falch.
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– I think people expect that it is easier for me because I have actor parents, that people know who I am, and that I have a good title, she says and continues:

-I'm very proud of both my mom and dad and I look up to them, but they're just mom and dad.

- Quick to judge

– Quick to judge

Two years ago, KK asked Pia Tjelta how it would feel to have a daughter entering the same industry as her.

-I have completely given up my opposition to her, because I see that she loves her very much. Pia added: “I think I have the best job in the world.” K then.

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