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Solceller på taket

– If you look ahead and what is reflected in electricity prices, this investment will turn out even better for us, says Joe Inge Solberg.

When the family had to get new roof tiles for their Sandane home in Gloppen, they chose it Installing solar panels.

When there is no snow and sunlight hits the board in the spring and summer, the roof produces more electricity than the family can use. The surplus is sold to the electric company.

The Energy Act states that those who sell electricity must obtain a license from the NVE. But this condition does not apply if the production of electricity is “mainly” for personal consumption.

new Letter from NVE It shows that about 2,400 photovoltaic systems were connected to the Norwegian power grid last year.

This means that the capacity to produce solar energy has increased by 30 percent.

There are many indications that growth in 2022 will be at least as strong, says Stream and Energy Director Kjetil Lund.

Follow up: With a phone app, Jo Inge Solberg is able to keep track of solar energy production on her rooftop.

Photo: Benedikte Grov / NRK

The ultimate breakthrough for solar cells

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar energy will be so Before everything Global source of electrical energy by 2050.

In the Netherlands today, nearly 10 percent of electricity comes from solar energy.

In Norway, solar energy is still a marginal factor, but NVE estimates that solar energy “could quickly reach 5-10 TWh in annual energy production over the next two decades”.

For comparison, hydropower produced 138 Terawatt hour last year. wind energy produced 11.8 terawatt hour. In one year, Oslo uses about 9 TWh.

– In Norway, solar energy conditions are not as good as in other countries, but here too it can contribute significantly to energy production in a few years, says Lund.

Andreas Thursheim is CEO of solar cell supplier Otovo. He says there are many things that spark interest in solar energy.

On the other hand, the problem is that the price of electricity is rising, which means that more people have seen the possibility of saving in themselves Photovoltaic systems.

The second is that Enova increase support To install solar cells in February.

Torchim expects the Ukraine war to serve as the background That solar cells will have more growth.

– He said that the political crisis between Russia and the West will lead to the final breakthrough of solar cells Magasinite.

Andreas Thursheim is CEO of solar energy company Otovo.

Breakthrough: With the situation in Ukraine and an increased focus on what’s going on with Russian gas prices, interest in solar cells has multiplied many times over, says Andreas Thorsheim in Otovo.

Photo: Hallvard Norum/NRK

He has great potential

In a speech to the European Parliament Wednesday European Union President Charles Michel said sanctions against Russian oil and gas would be necessary “sooner or later”.

Today, 38 percent of Europe’s gas comes from Russia, and in March the International Energy Agency (IEA) presented a plan with ten points To make the European continent less dependent on Russian gas.

One point relates to increasing investment in solar energy.

“Solar energy is in many places the cheapest form of energy we have, and at the same time, it is a form of energy that humans use to expand,” he says. Eric Stensrud-Marstein, Head of Solar Research in the Energy Technology Division.

He adds that the Ukraine war has created new momentum in the energy debate and that many Europeans are gaining “Bad taste in the mouth” when they see a lot of energy mix which is Russian gas.

On Tuesday, the European Commission submitted no Fifth sanctions package against Russia. For the first time, Russian energy exports were affected. But not gas exports, only the country’s coal industry.

European Union Charles Michel, President Emmanuel Macron and European Union Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

He wants more solar power: On Wednesday, European Union President Charles Michel said sanctions against Russian oil and gas would be necessary “sooner or later”. Here with President Emmanuel Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

Photo: Ludovic Marin/AFP

Many apply for support

In the first quarter of this year, 489 private homes in Norway received support for installed photovoltaic systems.

We know there is a long wait for those who have ordered. We’re seeing big numbers in the future, too, says Tor Brick, senior advisor at Enova.

Except for the time during the pandemic, there has been a steady growth of solar power plants since Enova began supporting such measures in 2015.

For the family at Sandane, solar panels are a long-term investment. They all saved money because the board was cheaper than new ceiling tiles.

There may be snow on roofs in winter and production is low, but in spring and summer electricity production is often higher than household consumption.

Jo Inge Solberg believes that more people will consider acquiring such facilities in the future.

When electricity prices go up, there are probably many who think about reducing their electricity bill. Hence it is a short path for PV systems.

There is a solar cell system on the roof

Satisfied: Jo Inge Solberg and family at Sandane have solar panels on the roof. Solberg is very pleased with the investment.

Photo: Benedikte Grov / NRK

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