Solar Panel, Energy | This is why solar panels work better in the north

Researchers in northern Sweden have taken a closer look at how solar panels work in snowy and cold climates. SVT News I spoke to researchers in Petio.

Alexander Granlund who says that cold temperatures can increase the effect:

– If the temperature drops by about 25 degrees, it gives an increasing effect of about. 10%.

SVT posted a video with Granlund, a researcher at the Swedish Research Institutes (RISE). in the video You can see that they have placed several solar panels in a row pointing from east to west at different angles and degrees.

According to SVT, the research is mainly about how well solar panels work in winter. Various factors like angle, temperature, and wind to name a few come into play when it comes to how to make the most of the sun in the north.

The sun’s path moves differently in the north in winter. This is something we can take advantage of when it comes to solar energy.

According to SVT, there are some months like November, December and January where the solar panels receive little sunlight because of the snow. But when spring approaches, it really starts to take off. You should then make sure that it is clear of snow before that time.

Granlund SVT tells what to keep in mind when building solar panels in snowy areas:

– When building solar panels, you should build them so that snow masses do not accumulate on the solar panels.

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