Solid catch up on Wall Street

Solid catch up on Wall Street

The trading day on Wall Street ended today with a solid and solid rally.

  • Industry Index Dow Jones The index ended by 0.92% to 34,314.67 points.
  • the wide Standard & Poor’s 500The index rose 1.05 percent, ending at 4,345.72 points.
  • Technology Index Nasdaq It recovered strongly from Monday’s low, ending 1.25 percent at 14,433.83 points.


Oil price continues with good momentum, after the strong rally since it became known last week that OPEC+ will leave production policy unchanged.

At the conclusion of trading on Wall Street BrentThe price of oil rose 1.82%, and the price of a barrel is now $82.79. At the same time West Texas IntermediateOil rose 2.01 percent to $79.15 each. fat.

With this said, the price of oil is approaching its highest level ever since 2018, with the price of a barrel of North Sea oil at around $84.00.


On Tuesday, European gas and energy prices soared to new highs, following persistent global gas and coal shortages. Futures prices, which are linked to the gas benchmark in the Netherlands, rose 23.0 percent to $117.50 each. MW.

In particular, the rise in energy prices has affected the bond market in the United Kingdom, which, along with the majority of Europe, is suffering from low gas stocks. UK 10-year government bonds now yield the highest yield in two years, with a coupon rate of 1.09 per cent.


The technology sector rebounded strongly after the cold showers on Monday. After Facebook’s share decreased by about 5.0 percent, due to severe server outages, it is complete fangThe index (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) returned to the green side at the close of trading on Tuesday.

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Among those, streaming giant Netflix rose, with a price increase of 5.54 percent.

The VIX, also known as the Fear Index, closed at 6.88 percent after trading on Tuesday. The index, which measures volatility in the market based on S&P 500 index options, confirms that the market has calmed somewhat after Monday’s drama on technology exchange, Nasdaq.


The cryptocurrency market continued a strong rally on Tuesday.

By the end of trading on Wall Street, bitcoin was up 4.19 percent, breaking $50,000 each with it. Currency. With this, Bitcoin is now trading at $51,397, thus returning to the same levels it was in the cryptocurrency boom in May.

Among other major cryptocurrencies, Ethereum and XRP finished at 3.33 and 2.98 percent, respectively.

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