June 10, 2023


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Solskjær slays: – He must be careful

Kristiansunderen sparked attention with his snowflake comment during an event in Manchester where he talked about his career.

With it, he compared today’s players to his former teammates. He spoke warmly of the latter.

– It was just a great wardrobe. Winners who hate losing. They had some arguments, as they should, after bad matches. He said, according to him, you have to deal with things the athlete.

Follow Solskjaer:

– If you do this to the boys now, they will get their father, or their mother, or their agents … snowflakes. Not much in today’s collection has survived from that dressing room.

As Manchester United manager, the 50-year-old has been under constant scrutiny in the British media. Now he could hear it again.

The Daily Mail’s Football Editor, Ian Ledman, Write in a comment That Solskjær “has to look at himself in the mirror,” comes with a sour bite:

– Erik ten Hag showed what leadership really is in his first year at the helm.

WINNER: Erik ten Hag becomes Manchester United’s next manager and has been hailed by the British media for making tough choices. Photo: Martin Rickitt

Ledemann asserts “there is likely to be some truth” to Solskjaer’s approach, and writes that it is “undoubtedly” more challenging to coach today’s players.

Ruthless rule

However, he is critical of whether Christian Wonderland has addressed the problems surrounding players such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Paul Pogba.

Solskjær has certainly done a creditable job as United manager.

– But for Solskjaer to now try to present himself as a crusader, truth-seeker and man who would be happy to take his former players and club owners for not investing in the club’s facilities, it’s absurd, plain and simple because it was the exact opposite at the time would have been given more weight to his voice.

The Daily Mail editor ends with an unforgiving verdict:

He must be careful when he talks about snowflakes, because when he looks in the mirror, he might see one copy staring back.

Controversial: Whether or not Cristiano Ronaldo is a problem has been hotly debated during Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's final months as Manchester United manager.  Photo: Luca Bruno

Controversial: Whether or not Cristiano Ronaldo is a problem has been hotly debated during Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s final months as Manchester United manager. Photo: Luca Bruno

Samuel Luckhurst at the Manchester Evening News was no stranger to sabre-rattling during periods when things weren’t going so well under Solskjaer.

He also makes snappy comments in the aftermath of Solskjær’s performance.

– Solskjaer wasn’t wrong about much of what he said about Manchester United – but he did contribute to their problems, Luckhurst writes.

Allegations of player dissatisfaction

He claims that many players thought Solskjær was a “soft touch”, and that one must have confronted the 50-year-old over team selections and accused him of hiding difficult decisions.

A source in the dressing room said Solskjaer’s handling of David de Gea was “a big problem”. He vowed to make Dean Henderson number one and Tom Heaton returned with the assumption that he would be number two, Luckhurst claims.

He concludes by praising Erik ten Hag for his handling of Cristiano Ronaldo – and berating Solskjaer with a harsh characterization:

– as an authoritarian educator.

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