“Sommerhytta”: – Reveals a new job

"Sommerhytta": - Reveals a new job

It’s no secret that TV 2 “summer cabin” Spectator has become a hit over the years. Here, four different couples will battle to build the cabin of their dreams – which they will ultimately win if they rise to the top of the competition.

It’s now the sixth consecutive season already, and after ten chilling weeks it’s finally over Sarah Meyer Boudia, 27, and Ibrahim Mhenin, 29, are married. who escaped with the award given.

Naturally, Se og Hør has now made contact with the former co-couple Kristen Kirkorn (27) and Adrian Middlethon (26) To hear everything new since the last time.

Offers: Sarah and Ibrahim won the 2022 Summerhita, here they review the winning booth. Video: Stephen Petersen
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– a lot of time

After the season 5 recording ends, Kirkhorn can tell Se og Hør, among other things, that she is no longer working as a real estate agent and has now found a new job.

– I’ve got a new job. Now I work with Priority rights full time, which I really enjoy. It’s a rewarding job to be able to connect with people who only have good news, she says.

Participants: Best friends Kristen Kirkorn and Adrian Middlethon were ready for battle in Season 5 of

Participants: Best friends Kristen Kirkorn and Adrian Middlethon were ready for battle in Season 5 of “Summerhita”. Photo: Espen Solli/TV 2
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Although the 27-year-old views ‘Sommerhytta’ as a memorable time, she hasn’t started any other renovation projects since her engagement.

– I have not done any kind of renewal since registration. But after so long it didn’t bother me as much as it did at first, she says.

Husband? Adrian and Christine on “Sommerhytta” talked about the others thinking they were lovers. Video: TV 2
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However, Kirkhorn does not hide the fact that he can turn around.

– Perhaps there will be some projects in the future, she says.

And Middleton, her former teammate, hasn’t been tempted to start another renovation project since the program. It totally focuses on one thing in particular.

– Now that I’m a bit away from our season, I’m glad I won’t be building any more cabins. But I enjoyed the TV experience itself greatly, not least spending an entire summer with Kristen, he admits.

Regular participants

Both Kirkhorn and Middelthon tuned in to this year’s season that appeared on television earlier this year. When asked about their thoughts on the season, the former replied:

– I’ve seen most of the season this year. It was fun to see this year’s Sommerhytta, there were very good participants and even apparently this year, both in terms of age and skill,

not happy: Adrian and Christine received a gift from Anna and Jone in “Sommerhytta,” but they weren’t very happy. Video: TV 2
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Like Kirkhorn, Middelthon also shares many of the same thoughts about this year’s season.

– What I thought was very interesting to see in this season is that they even chose pairs to participate, which made the experience unique and enjoyable for the participants, he thinks, while heEntering his own season:

– As everyone knows, it was a different flavor left with some of us co-stars who grappled with it all in Season 5.

As is known, there were many participants, Especially Middlethon and Kirkorn, who responded He was Kurt Rasmussen (50) and Veronica Johansson Rasmussen (27) who ran away with a win.

Gang: For ten tough weeks, this gang competed against each other in the fifth season of

Gang: For ten tough weeks, this gang competed against each other on Season 5 of “Sommerhytta”. Photo: Espen Solli/TV 2
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The reason is that they believed that Kurt had a lot more knowledge about the renewal than he appeared on TV, and that the season had been cut so that he seemed to be on the same level as the rest of the participants.

Kurt on his side Reject the criticism of other participants. He stated that he had no professional experience either as a carpenter or carpenter.

We think criticism from other participants is distressing and unjustified. I have no professional experience in carpentry and masonry. I’m a trained bookbinder, and I’ve never had jobs other than this one. He told Se og Hør about the last row last summer.

Last year: Kurt Rasmussen and his daughter Veronica Johansen Rasmussen triumphed in the 2021 season of

Last year: Kurt Rasmussen and his daughter Veronica Johansen Rasmussen triumphed in the 2021 season of “Sommerhytta”. Photo: TV 2
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How TV 2 responded to the criticism, on behalf of production company Strix, you can read at the bottom of this Article.

Then look and hear He was in contact with last year’s winning couple a little earlier this summerBy the way, Kurt and Veronica compare this year’s season to theirs this way:

We think the duo this year have been incredibly positive all season, which we’ve experienced a little differently in our season. We simply think there has been a lot of complaining and negativity from some of the participants.

Back: Last year’s winners Levi Tray and Owen Krug are back at Somerhita, and here’s what they had to say about the participants. Video TV 2
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Nobody wants to go to bed

Up against Se og Hør, Kristen Kirkorn can also tell what she remembers best from her own season.

– I remember especially well the last night before the weekend where we set up the kitchen, and then all the couples got that far after the production asked us if we could work all night. We were told we could only work until 03.00 and start again at 06.00, she reveals.

She follows:

– Then all the couples agreed to meet on the balcony of Trine and Trude (couple couple from season 5, .anm diaries) at about 3.00, have a little beer and wait for 6 in the morning, so we can start over. Nobody wanted to go to bed because it was so hard to get up again. It was a nice night!

“attack”: Somerhita participants were “attacked” during the recording. Video: TV 2
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When asked about her best memories, she had no doubts.

– Probably the best memory was when Adrien and I finally won a jacuzzi as the last couple, and we had to shower a little every night before we went to bed. And of course getting a golden hammer, that was cool. And it was so nice to see how happy Tren and Todd were for the homemade gold hammer from us too.

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