“Sony disappointed” – ITavisen

“Sony disappointed” – ITavisen

Sony has opened pre-orders for the PS VR2, but is said to be unhappy with the number of orders ahead of its launch next month.

It may have priced itself out of the market

Does this mean that Sony’s latest attempt at virtual reality will be a failure in terms of quality and experience?

No, it’s not, but there’s a good chance that the vast majority of people are on the fence about anything to do with VR, and when it gets tough financially, they’ll probably buy the console and a few games.

The PS VR 2 costs more than the Playstation 5: 6,690 kroner for the digital PS5 model, which is now down to 5,495 NOK.

The Meta Quest 2, the most popular of headphones with or without cables, costs NOK 5,200.

The big disappointment in PS VR 2 has been revealed

Production partners reveal secrets

Now Bloomberg, speaking to people familiar with Sony’s internal affairs, revealed that the company will cut its production order from two million to one million headphones.

Sony is also said to have made it clear to a production network partner that it expects to sell 1.5 million from April this year to March next year.

We wouldn’t be too shocked if the product got a price cut or was offered in bundles with a couple of additional games. Over NOK 12,000 for the console and headset is a lot of money.

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