Sony X90K / X93K (XR-55X93K) – Good for most things

Sony X90K / X93K (XR-55X93K) – Good for most things

Sony has a long history of good TVs in the affordable mid-range segment. X90 / X93K is the successor of the popular model X90J From 2021, which we previously had a good experience with. They come in a variety of screen sizes (up to 85 inches), and are available in stores under two different model numbers, X90K and X93K, where the specs are very similar.

Sony KD-55X90 / X93K

The X93K comes with the well-known Google TV interface, which provides wide access to various types of content, applications, and streaming services. The latest version is fast and easy to use, with its own user profile and personalized recommendations.

The Sony monitor has two thin feet that can be installed on the outer edge or toward the center for easy placement.

The X93K also got an excellent Sony remote control. It fits well in the hand, and it has keys that glow in the dark.

On the connectivity front, this Sony monitor is equipped with four HDMI inputs, but only two of them have full bandwidth for 4K/120Hz video signals. With VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) support, this will also be a decent TV for game consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series X. We measured the lag (input lag) to be around 13ms, which is clearly approved.

The Sony monitor has feet that can be set wide or narrow, so it can more easily fit on a TV table, with or without a soundbar. (Photo: Udon Hage)

picture quality

The Sony X90K/X93K has many similarities to its X89K little brother we’ve previously tested, but “under the hood” has a few upgrades that have a positive impact on image quality.

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First, the LCD has better backlighting with local dimming, which allows for better contrast and light control. Secondly, the video processor changes to the XR variant that we know from Sony’s more expensive models.

Note: The backlighting on the X90K is of the traditional LED type, not the more modern MiniLED type that Samsung and TCL are equipped with. If you want this from Sony, you have to upgrade to the higher model X95K!

There’s a lot to like about the X90K / X93K visually. Color reproduction in Movie mode is in the familiar Sony style, very accurate and accurate. Sharpness is also excellent, with Sony managing to conjure up detailed, noise-free images, even when the content is of varying quality.
The Sony display recognizes solid brightness (measured at just over 1,000 nits in our test window at 10%, and up to 700 nits across the entire screen). This makes it suitable for watching TV in bright rooms, and it is also suitable for contrast effects of HDR.

The X93K is also equipped with local dimming, which among other things helps increase contrast in dark movie scenes. But the backlight isn’t as subtle as what we experience with Samsung and TCL’s MiniLED screens. Bright objects against a dark background, like subtitles, get a clearer halo around them.

The viewing angle on this LCD is also not among the best. Although the color rendering is accurate and nice from the front, it does look a little washed out when you pop out to the side. Not a big deal if you’re sitting directly in front of the screen – but worth considering if you have a spacious room to enjoy your TV entertainment from.
The Sony screen also has a clearer reflection from the areas around it. It must therefore be placed judiciously in relation to windows and other light sources.

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sound quality

In terms of sound, the X90K/X93K sounds relatively slim, and doesn’t offer much interactivity. The all-important sound reproduction sounds a bit muffled and flabby compared to Samsung and TCL, both of which have much more crisp and clear sound.

Sony probably thinks many people will prefer to connect compatible speakers anyway, and it has at least offered support for Dolby Atmos via its HDMI eARC output. Maybe HT-A5000 or something like that?

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Sony X90K / X93K is an easy-to-use television suitable for all kinds of entertainment. We particularly like the good brightness and contrast, which gives a nice, flattering picture for both movies, sports, and games.

At the same time, Sony has a slightly narrower viewing angle compared to a couple of competitors, and the backlight is perceived as inaccurate at times. So it doesn’t quite equal Samsung and TCL on this test, in terms of black level and contrast.

However, the differences aren’t day and night, and the picture experience is a marked lift from the more affordable LCD monitors out there, including Sony’s own. x89 kilo. So we think Sony’s screen is worth highlighting, as an affordable Google TV in several screen sizes.

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