Soon you can get married here

Soon you can get married here

Restrictions during the pandemic have resulted in many weddings being canceled. Now, however, McDonald’s in Sweden is launching a new concept in one of its restaurants.

You can do this at the drive-through slot in Nacka outside Stockholm Marry your fiancée August 27.

The series calls it “Civil Marriage”.

– Ketchup effect

McDonald’s Sweden press director, Henrik Nerell, says the pandemic was necessary for the idea to emerge.

A pandemic has spread, and there are many who could not marry. After the restrictions were lifted, it’s more like a ketchup effect, and now there’s a very long waiting time, Nerrell tells TV 2.

He also thinks that many people will find it a fun idea to attend the wedding at McDonald’s.

– People get married in Las Vegas, so why not get married in Naca, he says.

CHAPEL: Small churches in Las Vegas are known for delivering weddings on short notice. Photo: Elaine Schmidt/AP/NTB

Serves free food

In the ad, McDonald’s wrote that if there was a high turnout, it would be first come, first served. The first 50 who marry get free food.

Nerel says he is sure some couples will show up outside the restaurant.

We expect it to be very interesting, and in fact we don’t know exactly how many will get married. Hopefully there will be a lot, but not so much that we have to say no to someone. He says it would have been boring.

Nerrell has worked at McDonald’s for 20 years, and knows of no other restaurants that have done the same in the past. However, he testified that people got married or had a wedding ceremony there on their own initiative.

Wedding Offers: The press director believes that McDonald's in Naka will be the first in the chain to offer weddings.  Photo: Mike Egerton / Pa Photos / NTB

Wedding Offers: The press director believes that McDonald’s in Naka will be the first in the chain to offer weddings. Photo: Mike Egerton / Pa Photos / NTB

many interested

To get married, you must bring ID and be somewhere between 12 and 20. McDonald’s wrote that they stand with a wedding photographer.

Nerel says they have so far hired one wedding apprentice.

“But you can imagine it’s going to be a little crowded, so we’re looking for one or two more, so we’re well prepared,” he says.

The event has so far received a good response on Facebook. At 21 p.m. Thursday, the same day it was announced, 84 people said they were going there, and 204 showed interest.

– Will you participate by yourself?

– I don’t quite know but I think so. I’m married, so I don’t think I should get married there, but you want to congratulate whoever gets married. Nerel says it’s so much fun and a special day for those who do.

Not planned in Norway

Mette Fonin is the Director of Marketing and Communications at McDonald’s Norway. She says she cheers for the initiative.

“This sounds like a very interesting, romantic and fun initiative from our colleagues in Sweden and at McDonald´s Nacka,” writes Vonen in an email to TV 2.

With so many weddings postponed in recent years due to Corona, we encourage some of our Swedish neighbors to get a chance to celebrate love in a somewhat unconventional, but memorable way in August, she continues.

However, there are no initial plans for the same in Norway.

“But it is not impossible that some of our skilled restaurant managers may have been inspired by their colleagues in Sweden and might decide to do something similar in the future,” Fonin wrote.

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