Sophia Bush: – Engaged to her secret boyfriend

Sophia Bush: - Engaged to her secret boyfriend

On Tuesday evening, a number of media outlets wrote that “One Tree Hill” star Sophia Bush, 39, has finally revealed her secret boyfriend, specifically Grant Hughes.

However, the same actress could reveal on the same night that they were no longer just friends – she actually got a ring on her finger.

She confirmed this herself on Instagram, where she shared a photo of the courtship with the following text:

“When it turns out being your favorite person is actually the best feeling on earth.”

Furthermore, she thanks a boat rental company and a photographer for “helping my favorite person plan the most amazing and touching surprise of my life. My heart breaks.”

He was married to a colleague

There may not have been many who envisioned Bush’s engagement, at least not yet. She’s actually been protecting her privacy pretty well lately, and not everyone realizes that she’s found happiness again.

Earlier this year, she revealed why she isn’t as open about her privacy as she was earlier in her career.

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It’s hard not to have something of your own. She said that when she’s a public figure, everyone will observe everything with a magnifying glass, which is difficult Entertainment tonight.

Moreover, the actress explained that she grew up at a time when girls were being prosecuted for everything they did.

– And I thought I didn’t think I liked this. I didn’t appreciate the lies about my privacy. There were times when people sent me articles saying, “You must be dating this guy.” And I was typical: “I’d love to do it. But who is it?”

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Engaged: Sophia Bush was photographed here with her future husband Grant Hughes in New York last month.  Photo: Felipe Ramales / SplashNews / NTB
engaged: Here, Sophia Bush is pictured with her future husband Grant Hughes in New York last month. Photo: Felipe Ramales / SplashNews / NTB
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Bush has been married before “One Tree Hill” – Colliging Chad Michael Murray (39). They were one of the hottest couples in Hollywood when they introduced each other to Yes in 2005.

However, it was a short-lived love story, When they parted the following year.

In an interview with Andy Cohen two years ago, Bush publicly stated that she initially did not want to marry Murray, but felt pressure to do so.

– How old was I? I actually don’t know, but it was season two, she said, adding that “everyone was 22 and they’re stupid.”

– It wasn’t something I really wanted to do, but you know what it is, it’s going well.

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