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In recent years, the fashion world has been focusing more on diversity than before. And now 24-year-old Sofia Girao from Puerto Rico has made history as the first Victoria’s Secret lingerie giant model with Down syndrome.

Several international media reports, including independent And the the people.

The model even shared the big news on Instagram earlier this week.

“I dreamed of her, I worked for her, and today the dream has come true,” the model wrote in Spanish.

“I can finally tell you my big secret…I am the first Victoria’s Secret model to have Down Syndrome!” I continued.

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Moreover, Jirau thanked all the support and said that this is just the beginning.

The 24-year-old will present, along with 17 other women, the new Victoria’s Secret collection “Love Cloud”.

at press release Raul Martinez, Victoria’s Secret creative director, wrote that the new collection is an important part of the series’ new standard.

At New York Fashion Week

Jirao’s career started in her hometown of Puerto Rico in 2019. The following year, she was a model during New York Fashion Week. It is one of the world’s four major fashion weeks, known collectively as the “Big 4”, along with the Paris, London and Milan fashion weeks.

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At the time, she assured people that this was only the beginning.

When I was young, I looked in the mirror and said: I’m going to be a model and a businesswoman.

turned after criticism

The lingerie chain has previously been criticized for a lack of variety, and according to interested in trade This also exceeded sales numbers when customer groups shifted to competing brands.

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But after standing up to the storm year after year, Victoria’s Secret has transformed. They launched VS Collective in 2021.

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They described “The VS Collective” as an “exciting partnership platform” and bringing more women into the team.

They include actress Priyanka Chopra (39), footballer Megan Rapinoe (36), model Adut Akish (22), photographer Amanda De Cadenet (49), freestyle skater Elaine Jo (18) and model and activist Paloma Elsizer (29). Valentina Sampaio (25 years old) – Victoria’s Secret’s first transgender model.

according to New York times These women act as consultants for the company, participate in campaigns and promote Victoria’s Secret on Instagram.

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