Sophie Karlstad, Bloggers | Sophie Karlstad refused TV participation five times: that’s why she turned around

Sophie Karlstad, Bloggers |  Sophie Karlstad refused TV participation five times: that’s why she turned around

The next season of the second TV series “The Bloggers”, which will be shown on the screen in the new year, introduces several profiles of the past, such as Alexandra Joner (32), Sara Emilie Tandberg (30), Marna Hugen (36) and Giselle Aglidal (32).

At the same time, there are two newcomers, Linnea Løtvedt (22) and Sofie Karlstad (25).

The latter has been seen in recent years in reality productions such as “Paradise Hotel”, Ex-celebs on the beach And the Swedish “Love Island”, and in the new year will appear in “Bloggers”. In addition, Karlstad participates in The next season of “Celebrity Farm”In other words, the influencer from Northern Norway is suddenly getting a lot of screen time.

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– So, poor people who are tired of me, because now it will be more than that. There will be a lot of Sophie in January — but I hope people find joy in following me, she told NetVision.

asked five times

But she reveals that it wasn’t taken for granted that Sophie Karlstad would agree to become part of The Bloggers.

The 25-year-old told Nettavisen that she was asked several times before she finally changed her mind and said yes.

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– I know a lot of the crew because I’ve been on a lot of other reality shows, so it was probably easy for them to stick to me and ask if I wanted to be on The Bloggers. And they’ve done it five times, and I’ve said no every time, she laughs.

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But one evening, the answer suddenly changed.

– A fake fax suddenly came to me one evening when I was having a good time at a festival and said “Will you join me?” — and then “Yes, I will,” Karlstad replied when asked what made her accept in the end.

Tired of reality

As mentioned, Karlstad is also participating in the next season of “Farmen kjendis”, which was recorded this summer.

It was precisely because of this television involvement that Karlstad initially did not want to take part in any more programmes. And so I politely declined several times.

– If I’m being honest, I got tired after “The Farm”, she says and continues:

– I was just filming there and the camera pressed into my face, so the last thing I wanted was to do the same thing for another six months. I’m tired of everything.

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Now that both parts are over, she’s thrilled she’s joining, and hopes viewers get to know who she is a little better in both series that she appears in in the new year.

– “Bloggers” are involved in my own stuff, while in “The Farm” I work hard and try to show who I am. So I think there will be two different productions, and I hope people like it.

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