May 28, 2023


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Sophie Stray Spitalin doesn't care all that much

Sophie Stray Spitalin doesn’t care all that much

During this year Fashion Awards Many famous Norwegian faces took the trip to celebrate the Norwegian fashion industry.

Among the celebrities we also found the Sabtalin sisters, Jenny (19) And the Sophie (18). Dagbladet had a chat with the latter over the turquoise runner before the awards ceremony.

Comes with new music

The 18-year-old can tell that life has been stressful at times over the past year, as she is busy completing her last year of high school.

In addition, she is in the process of preparing for the competition in just two weeks.

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She previously said that her ambitions for the future are to study law, and that Dropping out of school to work in music wasn’t an option at all.

When Spetalen was 14 years old, she released her first song “Over Me”, but then the songbird became quiet. When Dagbladet asks if the music has been shelved a bit, she is quick to deny it.

It wasn’t shelved at all, and a lot more will come out soon, she says.

– comb it straight

The 18-year-old is active on the TikTok platform where she shares various glimpses of her life. In her profile we find, among other things, videos from luxurious holidays and parties, as well as song videos.

TikTok is great fun. The billionaire’s daughter admits that there is humor and music, and this platform takes a lot of time in my daily life.

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Being the daughter of one of the richest people in Norway can give you a lot of unwanted attention. Sophie says she has stopped caring what people write on the Internet.

Did you receive a lot of strange things in the comments box?

Yes, I hear most things, but I’m a little used to them. I don’t care anymore, she replied, and I unload it straight away.

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gets starstruck

Recently, the two sisters were in Cannes for this year’s film festival, featuring Jenny Attracted the attention of the red carpet. The younger girl told Dagbladet that being in Cannes was “a lot of fun”, and that she was surrounded by many big stars, including many of her “celebrity fans”.

When asked about her “big crush”, she should think a bit before responding to an actress Michel Moroni (31) From the movie “365 Days” and a model Cara Delevingne (29).

– Do you get a little star, then?

– Of course you will.