Sorry after Meghan’s shocking remarks – VG

Sorry after Meghan's shocking remarks - VG
HARSLARET: In a column published on December 16, Jeremy Clarkson gave Duchess Meghan a chance. Photo taken in 2017.

Jeremy Clarkson wanted to see people throw poo at Duchess Meghan Markle. Now he says he will be more careful in the future.


In a column in a British tabloid the sunTV profile Clarkson came out very harshly against Duchess Meghan.

– At night I can’t sleep, because I’m lying there gritting my teeth and dreaming of the day when she has to walk naked through the streets of her hometown in the UK, while the crowds shout “Shame!” “Shame,” Clarkson wrote, referring to a famous scene from Game of Thrones where people in the streets shout “shame” at one of the show’s characters.

Clarkson, best known for his participation in the TV show Top Gear, also explained how he believes Meghan has made Prince Harry a hero of Woke culture, with “lively praise in the bedroom”.

Her arm so far now seems to reach his ass, Clarkson wrote, and she can use her fingers to change his facial expressions.

Duchess: Meghan Markle. Here in a different context earlier this year.

Three days after the remarks, Clarkson apologized via his Twitter account.

— In a column I wrote about Meghan, I inaccurately referred to a scene from Game of Thrones, and it really ran aground with a lot of people. I am horrified to have caused so much pain, Clarkson wrote, and will be more careful in the future.

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Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry have been featured a lot in the media lately. Read everything you need to know about it Discuss the “Harry and Meghan” documentary here.

Clarkson isn’t an inarguable man either. In 2015 he was awarded He did not renew his contract with Top Gear.

Royal: Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry. Here in a different context in December.

Watch the video – MEGHANS HERMINGER makes noise:


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