June 11, 2023


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Sortland, Tromso | Idar, Erlend, Eirik and Andreas won: Now there will be a Play and Record Festival

While the silver bunad was being polished and the last cakes were being baked, many Westerners were busy with something very different. At Tromsø’s ‘Bukta Battle’, teams from Sortland, Myre, Alta and Tromsø have competed to play at both Bukta Festival and Festspillene in Northern Norway this summer – and much more.

– What an incredible day! Seven great artists played on Tuesday evening for an audience of more than 100 in Tromsø’s main square, Poktavestivalen wrote on Facebook.

– Congratulations to Vilda Bojat and Posing Woods on the victory in the Battle of Bukta, and big thanks to Luevott, Feeling Be, Bølge, the Blackbirds and Ellery Daines for participating, it continues.

In addition to the party, the award includes:

  • Scholarship of NOK 10,000
  • Recording and mixing of the single at Kysten Studio.
  • Record music videos.
  • Mentoring with an emphasis on artist development.

Bukta Battle is an annual music competition for young artists and bands from Northern Norway, which gives participants a chance to win some great prizes and at the same time gain valuable concert performance experience. To participate, this year’s band members must be between 13 and 30 years old, depending on the festival’s description.

Posing Woods, Feeling Be, Bølge and the Blackbirds participated from Vesterålen. From Alta, Vilda Bogat participated – who also won. Luevott and Ellery Daines from Tromso participated.

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