June 5, 2023


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- Sounds like a hoax - VG

– Sounds like a hoax – VG

Frustrated: Friends Magnus Lyngmo and Mohammad Payami (both 17) requested tickets to Cadet to see favorites $uicideboy and Polo G. But the performers didn’t attend the festival anyway.

The Cadetn Festival has been announced with four international stars on the programme. When the festival kicks off next week, none of them will be on stage.


– When we ordered tickets, there were four top international artists we wanted to see, friends Magnus Lingmo and Muhammad Payami (17) told VG.

In the program of the Bærums Festival, the famous names were Stormzy, $ uicideboy $, Jack Harlow, Polo G.

In April, it became clear that Stormzy and uicideboy weren’t coming along anyway. On Monday, June 20, the Cadets announced that neither Jack Harlow nor the Polo G would be attending the festival.

As an alternative, Cezinando and rap group Undergrunn were brought in.

– It sounds like a hoax, says Lingmo.

go anyway

The two 17-year-olds from Bodø paid 1,800 NOK per festival ticket to Kadetten. Now they feel they paid for something they didn’t get.

– Underground and Cezinando are good, but they are not quite on the same level. When I go to festivals, I want to see bigger artists. He was $uicideboy$ and Polo G was more than me cheery Let’s see, says Lyngmo.

Friends will continue to go to the festival.

“We booked hotels, plane, and festival tickets, and paid for everything,” Lyngmo explains.

– I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. Payami says it would be embarrassing if there was none at all.

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Not as planned: There will be more international celebrities on stage at Bærum in a week. This is not how it would be. (Photo from the last time the festival was held in 2019).

Want to recover

They think the festival will be a good experience anyway.

– But it won’t be as expected.

In light of how popular the artists who were originally supposed to be at the festival were, the comrades believed that they could have been able to get a better alternative, or be sure to get a part of the ticket price back.

– Norwegian artists who will play cheaper than the original artists.

VG has been in contact with the Cadet’s press officer, Lars Tefri Pade. He says that even those who work with the festival are upset when the artists he has booked are prevented from attending.

– When the plans of the artists are changed in a short time, such changes occur in the program. This is not something we want, but we should always prepare for it. This is why we always say that software changes can happen, Badi explains.

It is wrong to put it in context

This is not the first time that there have been problems with Cadet reservations.

In 2019, rapper A$AP Rocky was scheduled to play at the festival, but had to cancel only the day before, when he was Arrested in Stockholm after a concert. A$AP Rocky was supposed to replace Chance The Rapper, who canceled the festival a few weeks ago.

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This year, he’s starring with their absences Stormzy, uicideboy, Jack Harlow, and Polo G.

Rap: Many famous rappers have visited Kadeten previously. In 2019, Cardi B was at the rap-focused festival.

Both believe it is wrong to put the four revocations in context.

– $uicideboy$ had to cancel the tour due to the war in Ukraine, with half of the tour scheduled to take place in Eastern Europe. The alternatives to Stormzy and $uicideboy$ were three world-class artists: Central CEE, Baby Keem and Skimask, the god of stagnation, Baade says.

It is sad of course that Jack Harlow and Polo J chose to cancel visits to our festival and many other festivals a week before closing, and this resulted in us having to replace ourselves.

According to Paddy, many were happy to book Cezinando and Undergrunn.

—We sold a lot of daily tickets on Monday, he says, adding that Undergrunn was at the top of the list when they asked the audience for their wishes.

Both did not respond to VG’s question if it would be appropriate for the Cadets to refund parts of the ticket price, as friends Lyngmo and Payami want.

Three years ago, Issa and Dottie Dior were on stage in Cadetn.
Watch the video how it was: