Sour autumn weather ahead

Sour autumn weather ahead

Many parts of the country will experience frost overnight from Tuesday night. According to meteorologists on duty, this is due to low clouds and calm air conditions.

And on Wednesday night, temperatures are expected to drop below 0 degrees in many parts of eastern Norway and parts of Aktor.

– Last night till today (Tuesday), many hill stations measured 7-8 minus degrees, which is not unusual. But low-lying areas saw temperatures below zero and in some places as low as -3, says Per Egil Haka.

He says the same is expected for the next 24 hours and more people will have to scratch the grid on Wednesday morning.

Low pressure dominated

However, further into the week, it will be milder. Over the weekend, the entire kingdom will be dominated by low pressure moving from the Atlantic to the Norwegian coast and mainland.

– There are light air masses coming from south and southwest. Then it will rain. Also in Aktor and other parts of eastern Norway, especially on Friday. Haga says it is not a question of large sizes, but maybe 5-10 millimeters in some places.

A good amount of rain is also expected in Rogaland and Westland districts, where it could reach 40-50 millimeters.

– Especially in the north of Westland County, it can contribute well to filling the reservoirs, the meteorologist added.

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Haga says a strong low pressure system will develop over land by the end of the week and into early next week. It brings high winds from the west and north to Trøndelag, Nordland, Troms and Finnmark.

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– This may appear as the first autumn storm on the mainland. However, there was no storm in eastern Norway. Low pressure brings rain and mild weather across the country.


Spitsbergen is not spared, expecting strong winds and good rainfall this week.

The low pressure that dominated this week won’t move much into next week either, but will stay put. Temperatures will remain below normal in large parts of the country, and cooler weather is expected in most places. Except maybe Troms and Finnmark. It also includes some rainfall activity.

– It doesn’t mean it’s cool, but it’s cool. The night will not be colder than it is now, but the day will be colder. Colder days and more wind. Sour autumn weather is probably the right thing to call it, Haga says.

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