SP President and Labor Leader Store – NRK Meeting in Norway – Overview of News from Various Parts of the Country

Utenfor Jonas Gahr Støre. Vedum, Tajik på besøk hos Støre

Gives a majority of over 84

– We had a pleasant and constructive conversation. And shared some food. There were good conversations, says Drive Sloxwald.

From 5.30pm, he was with Labor leader Jonas Kahar Store at his home in Rizal, Oslo. At 20.30, he and SP politician Marit Ernst came out of the house.

After a long meeting, the role was asked by several media outlets whether he was very supportive of SV’s cooperation. He did not respond to this.

– Now that I’ve had a good conversation with the store, we can talk tomorrow.

The Jonas Care Store allows for the role of Trickway Sloxwald and Marit Arnstadt.

Photo: Kettle Kern / NRK

So far, Hadia Tajik, the SP chief who came to the store’s house shortly after, has not yet left the house.

– Now we will talk about the election and how to manage the responsibility, the SP leader said at 5.30pm on Wednesday night.

After leaving his home in Oslo with Arnstadt, he arrives at the home of Labor leader Jonas Kahr Store in Rizal, Oslo.

One word button script and stop the quiet Ernstad car and go up the stairs to the store house. The character says they have a pleasant conversation, which will be between Store, Arnstadt and him.

Room and Arnstadt were invited by the store:

“Good evening,” the store told reporters.

Hadia Tajik outside the store house

Hadia Tajik waits to open the Jonas Kahar store door.

Photo: Kettle Kern / NRK

Hadia Tajik has arrived

Then the press door closed. Journalists and photographers are no longer allowed. The role teased those present that he did not think it was dinner for them either.


– I think it would be nice, otherwise tight Tajik said.

She is excited about the food and what they are going to talk about, she told reporters.

– How are you negotiating?

– On foot.

Driveway Sloxwald role.  Marit Arnstad in the background

Trickway Sloxwald and Marit Ernst left the house.

Photo: NRK

Before meeting at the store, Ernstadt and Vedum met at home. When asked what he and Ernst had talked about, the character replied:

– Definitely want to know how to manage the confidence given to us in the election and the responsibility given to us.

Have “chat”

On Tuesday, the SP chief said party leaders would take the time to explore and clarify a number of questions.

– If things go the way we want, next weekend we will move on to more formal processes. This will take some time, he said yesterday.

Together with the SV, the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party have a majority in Sporting. The store calls this its “Plan A” – a red-green government that includes all three parties. But the central party wants to form a government without SV.

At the same time, a survey shows Countries Only the mayors of SV’s minority SP make it clear that they do not want a government with SV.

Darjeeling Knock Filekens

SV Politician Torgeir Knag Fylkesnes.

Photo: Evind Molde / NRK

The store will meet with SV chairman Audon Lisbach on Thursday, and vice president Torkir Knock on Wednesday confirmed to NRK from FileKessness SV.

He said the aim was to find out whether it was possible for the parties to form a majority government.

– Our starting point is that if we can build a majority that can significantly reduce social differences and bring about a real green change, it will be interesting to us, Fileknes said.

– What is the most important thing to enter into SV negotiations?

– There may be several issues being discussed. The important thing is whether there is a basis for moving forward with negotiations. It will be exciting to see what comes out of these rounds.

Will that be clarified at Lisbon’s meeting with the store on Thursday?

– Time will tell.

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