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Do you have champagne over 15 years old? Then the bottle may have become more valuable in the last year.

During the Oscars in 2019, champagne was handed out to the guests.

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Online platforms Livetrade and Liv-ex, which offer the opportunity to trade vintage wine and champagne in the same way as stocks, report on record activity and significant price movements in the past year.

Champagne in particular has been popular with the two services over the past year.

The Purdue Index, which owns Livetrade, indicates that 15 of the 20 items with the highest price growth were champagne.

The 2002 Salon le Mesnil show had the biggest price development, with a price jump of more than 80 percent this year, in both Livetrade and competition Liv-ex. The bottle now sells for around 11,700 pounds, or 138,500 crowns, according to ReutersThat first reported the numbers of the two companies.

US Customs Advantage

By comparison, bitcoin has risen to just under 75 percent so far this year.

The US tech index FANG + TM, which includes the owner of Facebook Meta, Amazon, Netflix and Alphabet owner of Google, Tesla and Microsoft, rose about 18 percent in the same period, according to Reuters.

Livetrade CEO Matthew O’Connell told the news agency that several factors have been behind the strong growth recently.

He points to low interest rates, a lot of savings among the rich during countless shutdowns, as well as an “increasing focus on fixed assets in the face of mounting inflationary pressures.”

The company notes in a blog post that US tariffs on European wine were in favor of French champagne earlier this year, as the precious drops evaded the 25 percent tariff.

outperform the stock market

Competitor Liv-ex owns the Fine Wine 1000 Index, with the Champagne 50 having the strongest growth among the sector’s indices this year so far.

The increase at the end of November was 33.8 percent, according to Market Report Liv-ex was introduced earlier in December.

The Liv-ex’ Fine Wine 1000 Index follows the evolution of prices for 1,000 different wines from around the world.

Of the 50 champagnes in the sector index, only the 2011 Belle Epoque from Perrier-Jou√ęt declined in the first eleven months of the year. In contrast, prices for five types of champagne are up more than 50 percent, according to Liv-ex.

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