Spectacular view of the sky tonight

Spectacular view of the sky tonight

I didn’t see the big meteor that lit up Night sky until the 25th. July? Then you get a new chance tonight, but this time there’s something a little different that will light up the sky.

Tonight – and after several nights – swarms of exploding stars will light up the sky.

After 23 p.m. is the time to see the meteor star’s heat, then they have the most velocity toward us, and you’ll see them better, says Tor Aslesen in Dagbladet’s Norwegian Meteorite Network.


The Perseids, as they are also called, are a meteor swarm that occurs in July and August each year, according to The great Norwegian encyclopedia. It is one of the most active swarms of meteors of the year and lasts about 20 days. The meteor shower reaches its maximum on August 12, when the meteor frequency is about 50 meteors per hour, so you can see it clearly tonight.

– Persidis are particularly fast, so they burn up in the atmosphere, so we see them as short glimpses, Aslesen further explains:

Stones smaller than a few grams mostly glow due to the high velocity in the atmosphere, which becomes short little meteors. They actually shine very brightly, but we are several hundred kilometers away, so they don’t shine as brightly to us.And He says.

What happens, Aslesen says, is that Earth’s orbit hits the remnants of a comet orbiting the sun.

The comet leaves things behind, when it hits the Earth, it turns into bright stars. He adds that the Earth hits this at the same time every year, because the Earth revolves in the same orbit every year.

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Not the same

Aslesen says there is a difference between the first The meteor seen and heard over eastern NorwayAnd the starburst swarm, you can see it tonight.

– The difference is that the swarms follow the orbits of a comet, but the meteor that fell over Lyre came from an orbit inside the Earth, he says and adds:

– That’s what made it special. They usually come from asteroid belts.

meteor: At night until Sunday, large parts of southern Norway can see a huge meteor lighting up the sky. Video: Dagbladet tips
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meteor weather

Not everyone is equally lucky and gets the chance to see the meteor swarm. Meteorologists wrote that cloud cover would block the view of the meteor swarm in several places in the country. Twitter.

The best weather to view the heat of the meteor star is north in Inland, at Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag.

SKY COVER: The best weather is north of the interior.  Photo: Twitter
sky cover: Best weather north of the interior region. Photo: Twitter
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