Speed ​​asked police to replace the camera

Speed ​​asked police to replace the camera

The Ministry of Justice has asked the police to increase the capacity of Norwegian speed cameras in order to increase the revenue of the state. What we are saying is that automatic traffic controls (ATK), i.e. speed cameras, now require motorists to go faster than the legal speed.

“Increased Capacity POD at ATK Center Chapter 440, NOK 12 million more than item 01 has been allocated to increase capacity at ATK Center. Implement budget measures to increase the efficiency of speed cameras. Budget activity NOK will contribute to increase revenue of 132 million.

Extract from the award letter given to the police for the year 2022, and explains that speed cameras in Norway need to catch more speed criminals than they did.

Variations: There are big differences in how often the various photo booths in Norway operate. Photo: Kyrre Lien / NTB

Need to hire more

Twelve million kroner is provided to strengthen the ATK hub so they can handle additional cases related to passing speed cameras.

Based on this order, the Norwegian Directorate of Police has directed the police to significantly increase the number of speed camera cases by 2022. This means that the Emergency Police Force (UP) is now hiring more prosecutors to deal with the rising number of cases. UP reports to TV2.

Increases Capacity: Nutsmetsrud in Emergency Police (UP).  Photo: Nate Alley

Increases Capacity: Nutsmetsrud in Emergency Police (UP). Photo: Nate Alley

When asked how many more cars will have to be picked up on speed cameras on average to achieve the revenue target of 132 million, UP answers:

– The Directorate of Police has set a target of raising the number of ATK cases from 180,000 in 2021 to 250,000 in 2022, says UP chairman Nut Smetsrut to TV2.

What is an award letter?

After reviewing the state budget in Sorting, an allocation letter is sent from the Ministries to the Basic Institutions each year.

The document outlines what financial structures are offered, describing the priorities, performance goals, and reporting requirements for organizations.

– What is increased capacity in photo booths?

– i.e., multi-hour operation in each box, which is possible by hiring multiple case officers at the Police ADK Center.

Smedsrud expects the results of this change this summer.

– We expect to make full use of the increased therapeutic potential only from the middle of 2022.

Also, he says there has been no change in the boundaries until now, with a speed camera taking pictures or something like that.

Also get a reaction

When asked why the Ministry of Justice wants to increase the capacity of speed cameras, they respond that they want to increase traffic safety and strengthen the management of ATK centers and Norway public roads.

– In the state budget for 2022, it is planned to use the capabilities of speed cameras. Speed ​​cameras are more efficient than those used today. What this means is that more and more people who should have had a reaction to going fast when passing a speed camera are actually getting it, Justice Ministry spokesman Andreas Pontevik told TV2.

He further explains the following reason:

The aim is to increase traffic safety. The operation is being implemented by strengthening the administration of the Police ATK Center and Norway Public Roads.

Runner Carlson, director of policing at the Directorate of Police, told TV2 that they are meeting the growing demand for targeted figures, mainly based on three ongoing or active processes:

  1. Cooperation with Norwegian Public Roads Management in the increased efficiency / effectiveness of all ATK points and sections (using methods).
  2. Increased case processing capacity at the Police ADK Center (Case Process Evidence).
  3. Optimizing the ATK case processing system (digitization, etc.)

– The Directorate of Police has set a final target of 250,000 ATK cases by 2022. When it works together, it can lead to a significantly increased goal, Carlson says.

The steady decline since 2015

Figures from speed cameras from 2015 to 2021 show a sharp drop in the number of reviews, driver’s license confiscation and simplified fines over the past six years. The exception is a small increase in simplified fines in 2021.

When asked by UP if speed cameras in Norway have any effect on traffic safety, Smetsrude replied that they have a huge impact.

– The Department of Transport Economics evaluates the impact of accidents on the point and ATK segment. Automatic speed control has an excellent traffic safety effect, minimizing speed violations at the monitored location or extension. This is especially true for high-speed crimes. ATK has the greatest impact on serious accidents with fatalities and serious injuries.

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