Spellemann Award: – Spellemann Awarded: – Extremely Epic

Spellemann Award: – Spellemann Awarded: – Extremely Epic

On Friday, Norway’s largest music award, the Spellemann, was awarded at the Sentralen in Oslo. 28 awards were awarded in total.

Actress Gabrielle was among those who were able to take to the stage to receive the award. She won the Pop Category Award for the album “Cut Me in Ten and Glue Me Together”.


Gabrielle was visibly impressed when she received the award. She thinks you don’t need an award to be an artist, but she thinks it’s “so cool” with a celebration of hard work.

– For such a “here is the price”. I think this is very beautiful. It’ll be more symbolic, but it’s big, Gabrielle tells Dagbladet.

When asked what she wants with music, she took the time to think about it.

– I have a very strong relationship with other people’s music myself. May someday change for me. Put together a song one morning where you feel things aren’t going the way you want them to. I want to be someone else too. I feel this award helps confirm that. This feeling is so epic.

Marie Olvin, better known as the artist Girl in Red, surprised an international star when she received the Spellemann Award for this year’s edition. Pictures from NRK
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Received a generous award

One of the most exciting awards was the Song of the Year award. The choice of who would win the prize was split between a jury and who could vote for their favourite.

In the end, Chris Holston took home a generous award for the song “Smile in Your Own Mirror”.

– It feels totally crazy. I didn’t expect that to happen, Holsten tells Dagbladet.

– It’s so cool when it’s a song that I wrote myself and with my story, which is now also the song of the year. It feels crazy, he continues.

Holsten says he initially didn’t want the song released.

– I felt that the song was very personal, it was very clear how the little boy felt, and I felt a little. But then I stood in it, pulled it out and I’m very happy with that now, says Holsten.

– Do you ever regret it?

– I don’t really have it, because it’s been an absolutely phenomenal response from day one.

When asked why he thinks the Spelman Prize is so generous, he replied:

– Probably because I’ve looked at him since I was a kid. Spellemann is the most generous award you can get in Norway. I would say that I have a sacred relationship with Spielman.

– Very delicious

The last to escape and be awarded during the awards ceremony was “The Camel”, or Marcos Cabello Moll Moselle as it is actually called. He won the award in the hip-hop category. He won the #Frikjent album award for the song “Creme De La Creme”.

The album #Frikjent released in January of last year was inspired by the fact that he was detained for four months for a burglary he did not commit.

During the 2018 Spellemann Award, the rapper was nominated in the Breakthrough of the Year and Grammo Scholarship category. He does not hide the joy that he was finally able to take the award in the hip-hop category.

When Dagbladet asks him how he feels when he wins the Spellemann Prize for the first time, the answer comes in cash:

– it’s very delicious. We have worked hard in recent years. When we finally have a price, it’s delicious, says “Kamelen” to Dagbladet.

He adds that in recent years he has been in the studio a lot and has worked hard.

– The album I Won Now was recorded under Halo and there were things in my life that put me in a slightly different place than I am today. Among other things, I was just released.

– Do you mean a lot?

– Absolutely. “Kamelen” says winning an award in response to the police is a bit nice.

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