“Spice of Life with Stian Blipp” TV review: Blippglipp

“Spice of Life with Stian Blipp” TV review: Blippglipp
Laughter: Stian Blipp is laughter and fun personified, also on Amazon Prime.

Surprisingly traditional hidden camera from Stian Blipp.


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The flavor of life with Stean Bleep
Norwegian comedy series in ten parts
With: Stian Bleep, Thorbjorn Haar, Solvig Klopen, May Endiran, Jenny Skavlan and others.
On Amazon Prime from December 16th

Approximately In the middle of the last really good season of the year In the sequel to Breaking Bad, Gene Takavich (Bob Odenkirk) explains that he is able to search for videos of cats. The little things that brighten everyday life.

It is the spice of life that Stian Bleeb tries to instill in Spice of Life. Even the most die-hard D’Sound fans You must accept that Bergen explains the name of the series with the English poet William Cowper (1785) “Variety is the spice of life, to which you give every flavor”

Or “change brings joy,” as they said in this country around the same time. And maybe still. Spreading this everyday joy is Blipp’s goal.

For most of us, that means creating a little extra excitement, like having the opportunity to Suddenly he directs the battle of the Janissaries As a passerby or guess how much money you have in the plastic bag.

Likewise, Blipp doesn’t have pure flour in his bag when he aspires to “prank” celebrities every episode. Not unlike the movie “Fooled by Karlsen”.and Punk’d, and in general all the hidden camera attempts of the last decade.

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In the three episodes that VG was able to preview, this works best when you focus on creating joyful change in the everyday lives of ordinary people. Among the main pranks, there is one that impresses in terms of effort, timing, and solid planning.

The other two are variations on the same joke: How many wild things can you get for a celebrity dabbling in radio commercials to say before they crack?

Unfortunately, this is where Blipp’s initiative falls apart from being heartwarming family entertainment to becoming a kind of plain boy atmosphere. At least for those who don’t exactly feel like talking about dildo this week either.

Sadly, the core of the concept lies in the simplest form of humor and joy: a misunderstanding built into the setting, with redeeming laughter and thigh slapping almost as redemption.

Camera limitations and cuts also mean that something that’s a good idea at first winds up very much into its own idea. For example, getting kindergarten children to draw Haute Couture And then you can catch the fashion police reactions.

Brothers in Laughter: Stian Bleep and Jonice Joseph laugh better together.

Unmistakable bleep smile, mood and commitment Usually much more contagious than this year’s flu, everyone carries okay together. The fact that he also sacrifices a central visual part of his appearance in order to deceive those who are more cautious should also be given above average respect.

Surely even his family struggled to get to know him.

Oddly enough, this is the second Norwegian “hidden camera” concept to appear in a few weeks and, oddly enough, from another Bergen. In the same way as Callie Hellevang Larsen’s “The Mad World of Callie,” Blipp grapples with the fact that the format as television has long since been overtaken by everything from Reels on Instagram to any TikTok video.

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When you see funnier “dumps” in a random story, with or without cats, maybe it’s time to reconsider the whole hidden camera scheme for people with better financial and technical circumstances than a mobile phone.

But this understanding of reality could just as easily be a mistake on the part of the undersigned.

References watched three episodes

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